Does Garrus come back in me3?

In Mass Effect 3, Garrus is once again recruitable as a squad member. He will only appear provided he survived the mission to the Collector Base in Mass Effect 2 – if starting a new save, the game will assume he survived. Shepard first meets up with Garrus again on a moon (Menae) of the Turian homeworld, Palaven.

Where is Garrus on the Citadel me3?

Sometime after this conversation, Shepard should make a point to find Garrus on the Citadel. He will be temporarily located in the Holding Area of the Docks helping coordinate relief for turian refugees.

Does Garrus family survive?

Mass Effect 3 Provided Garrus survived the suicide mission, Castis hears from him after Shepard was detained by the Alliance. His son laid out everything that had happened over the last three years: from the fight with Saren, to the Collector Base, and the eventual return of the Reapers.

How does Garrus get scars?

In Mass Effect 2, while in Omega, Garrus is seriously injured by a gunships’s chain gun and rockets and so gains scars and a cracked armor. Keener said that Garrus had warmed up over the course of the games, due to his interactions with the Normandy crew.

Can you save archangel?

When the conversation is wrapped up, he’ll get a message to send in the teams. Use the renegade interrupt when it pops up. This will kill Sergeant Cathka. More importantly, this will also stop the repairs to the gunship, stripping away a layer of its defenses during the final fight when saving Archangel.

What gun does Garrus use?

Garrus Vakarian

Class: Turian Agent
Sniper Rifles Unlocked at Assault Rifles 6
Tactical Armor
Assault Training Unlocked at Tactical Armor 5

Is male or female Shepard canon?

“Yup, Commander Shepard was originally a woman,” said Cooper. That settles it once and for all: FemShep is the one true Commander Shepard. This is definitely canon, right, BioWare? Check out our coverage of BioWare’s most recent N7 Day roundtable for more on the next Mass Effect game.

Is Garrus Vakarian available in Mass Effect 3?

It’s worth noting that there are BIG SPOILERS for Mass Effect 3 on this page. Read with caution! Garrus Vakarian is only a legacy Romance inherited from Mass Effect 2, and is only available to Female Shepards.

Is Garrus Vakarian a legacy romance?

Read with caution! Garrus Vakarian is only a legacy Romance inherited from Mass Effect 2, and is only available to Female Shepards. In order for him to be recognised as such, you must have Locked In a Romance with him in Mass Effect 2, which is confirmed by the Romance Scene with him in Shepard ‘s Cabin.

Who is general Garrus Vakarian?

Garrus Vakarian is a turian, formerly part of C-Sec ‘s Investigation Division. Like most turians, Garrus had his military training at fifteen, but later followed in his father ‘s footsteps to become a C-Sec officer.

Who is general Vakarian in Mass Effect 1?

Garrus Vakarian is a Turian who was formerly a member of the Citadel Security or C-Sec, he made his first appearance in Mass Effect 1. Similar to most Turians, he had his military training at an early age and later on, followed in his father’s footsteps in becoming a C-Sec officer.