How do I find my birth records in Austria?

Records of birth, marriage and death are generally kept at the Austrian vital records office (Standesamt) where the event occurred. Most cities have websites at www. (nameofcity). at where you can find the contact information for the appropriate Standesamt and request a copy of your birth or marriage certificate.

How long does it take to get residence permit in Austria?

If all necessary documents have been submitted, the residence authority will process your application within 90 days. Depending on the issuing country, it may take several months to legalise the documents required for an application. You have to submit your application in person.

How do I get residency in Austria?

Applicants are required to provide the following to apply for a residence permit:

  1. A valid and signed passport.
  2. Birth certificate.
  3. Recent passport-size picture.
  4. Proof of accommodation in Austria.
  5. Proof of health insurance.
  6. Proof of sufficient financial means.

How can I find my family history in Austria?

In Austria there is no central register where you can find persons by name. Civil registration of birth, marriages and deaths was introduced in Austria in 1938. Before this year the registers were kept by the religious communities (parishes), which are still keeping these documents and data in their own archives.

How long does it take to get Aufenthaltstitel?

When should I apply for my electronic residence permit (elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel, eAT)? Since it takes about 4-8 weeks for the card to be issued, we recommend that you apply to extend your current visa or residence permit 8-10 weeks before it is due to expire.

How long can I stay outside Austria with residence permit?

According to the provisions of the Settlement and Residence Act (NAG), a residence permit “long term resident” becomes invalid if the holder stays outside the EEA territory for more than 12 consecutive months. This happens by law, i.e. automatically.

How do I get Aufenthaltstitel in Austria?

To apply for Austrian permanent residence, you will need to apply in person at the provincial government authority in your city. Processing times vary, but once you are approved, you will receive your credit-card shaped residence permit which is valid for the next five years.