How do I get my WVU 1098-T form?

The Form 1098-T is for use by either the students or their parents in the filing of their 1040 personal tax return. Each year Form 1098-T for the recently completed calendar tax year will be available on-line starting mid to late January through ECSI at

How do I get my 1098t Online?

Current 1098-T Students can retrieve their 1098-T via the Student Portal. To retrieve, log into the Student Portal. Then click on Resources>Business Office>Retrieve Your 1098-T. If a student is not eligible for a 1098-T, they will receive a message indicating that and why they may not be eligible.

How do I view my WVU bill?

Spring 2022 General Information Parents with Authorized User access to billing information are able to view charges via the WVU MyAccount Login website. More information and instructions on being granted Authorized User access are available on our Tutorials webpage.

What is a tuition statement?

The 1098-T, Tuition Statement form reports tuition expenses you paid for college tuition that might entitle you to an adjustment to income or a tax credit. Information on the 1098-T is available from the IRS at Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement.

How do I get my w2 from WVU?

W-2 forms also will be available online for current WVU employees through the MyHR tab at….For verification purposes, be sure to provide:

  1. Your name;
  2. A contact telephone number;
  3. The month and year of your birth; and.
  4. Either your WVUID or your employee number.

How do I pay my tuition at WVU?

You can pay your student account charges online through WVU MyAccount, which you can find via your WVU Portal. You can also pay by check or money order, wire transfer, third-party payment, monthly payment plan and 529 College Savings Plan.

Does a 1098 increase refund?

Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement reports the amount of qualified education expenses paid by the student during the tax year. The IRS doesn’t refund your tuition costs, but they will give you education credits, or an education deduction. …

How do I get my pay stubs from WVU?

WVU employees can view and access their pay statements online….Log on to

  1. Use WVU Login information to log onto the system.
  2. Click on MyHr in the first section under Web Clock and Time Card.
  3. Click on MyHR again in the second section.
  4. Click on Pay Statement.
  5. Select year/check date.

How do I use WVU VPN?

To use the VPN, follow the instructions to download the software client for Windows or macOS. Once the client is downloaded, enter your WVU Login credentials and authenticate with Duo two-factor. Please call the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444 if you have problems with installation.

What is the tuition and fee structure at WVU?

Tuition and fee structures vary by residency classification and academic program at WVU locations. Students are charged for University tuition, college tuition, and University fees.

What does it mean to be a WVU resident?

The WVU Office of Admissions assigns students a residency status for admission, tuition, and fee purposes. Students who are determined to be residents of West Virginia pay “resident” tuition and fees at WVU; students who are residents of other states and nations pay “non-resident” tuition and fees.

Does WVU offer Form 1098-T?

For the 2020 calendar year 1098-T forms, WVU has continued to partner with ECSI. The Form 1098-T is for use by either the students or their parents in the filing of their 1040 personal tax return.

How much money does WVU give out?

In 2019-20, WVU awarded more than $113 million in scholarships. Our scholarships are usually given in addition to the West Virginia Promise Scholarship, which many West Virginia students also qualify for. And the best part about scholarships? You never have to pay them back.