How do I know what Yamaha ATV I have?

Locate the VIN number on the frame of the ATV. This number is usually found near the front end of the vehicle on the left side under the shift lever. The title of the ATV will also have the VIN number on it. When you find the Yamaha Model Identification Number on an ATV, you can use charts to help decipher it.

How do I know what model my ATV is?

Read the tenth digit. This digit represents the year that the ATV was made. For example, A=1980, B=1981, Y=2000, 1=2001, 9=2009 and A=2010. This letter or number can repeat (the “A,” for example), but the codes of the other digits in the VIN allow you to know in which year the ATV was made.

How do you decode a VIN number on a Yamaha ATV?

ATV VINs are standardized for all manufacturers.

  1. Look at the first three digits of the VIN. The first digit represents the country in which the ATV was made.
  2. Read the fourth through eighth digits.
  3. Look at the ninth digit.
  4. Read the tenth digit.
  5. Look at the eleventh digit.
  6. Read the twelfth through seventeenth digits.

Where is the VIN number located on a Yamaha ATV?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your Yamaha ATV is a unique number used to identify your vehicle. It is stamped on the frame of your Quad.

How do I decode an ATV VIN number?

1. Look for the ATV VIN

  1. The first character is the country code.
  2. The second digit is the manufacturer.
  3. The third character is a code for what the vehicle is.
  4. The fourth through eighth characters represent the engine size, engine type, and model.

How do I identify my Yamaha motorcycle?

Find the VIN on your motorcycle. If you have a traditional motorcycle, it will be on the right side of the steering stem, just below the handlebars. If you have a scooter, check the stem. If it’s not there, it will be on a metal plate affixed to the frame.

How do I find my Yamaha ATV model number?

Look at the fourth through the eighth characters. These numbers will tell you the model, body style and engine type. To decode these numbers, use a Yamaha VIN decoder (such as the one in Resources) or look in your owner’s manual. There are many VIN decoders available online that will tell you everything about the ATV.

What does the VIN number on a Yamaha ATV mean?

VIN Location. The Yamaha VIN decoder ATV will tell you the information about the type of the engine, its specs and the type of fuel you can use. You should compare the code on the registration card with the code on all the locations on the bike. If you see any difference, it means the bike was repaired after an accident.

Where is the VIN number on a Yamaha xj550?

Yamaha XJ550 models have the code is placed left to right while on other models it’s front to back. The vintage Yamaha VIN decoder will decipher any code from any location on the bike. The Yamaha VIN decoder ATV will tell you the information about the type of the engine, its specs and the type of fuel you can use.

How do I find out what year my Yamaha Motor is?

It’s stamped vertically. Take a look at the left part of the steering tube to find the printed card with the code and some additional information. For the Yamaha motor decoder, you will need only the VIN code and nothing more. However, the actual year of manufacture is indicated there.