How do I start planning my Indian wedding?

How to Plan an Indian Wedding Step by Step | 2020

  1. Figure out Guest List.
  2. Figure out WHERE AND When (month or week)
  3. Hire a Wedding Planner (you should if above 150 people)
  4. Find a Venue (and visit location if out of town)
  5. Finalize Order of Events & Sign Hotel Contract.
  6. Finalize the Dates & Send Save the Date.

How much does an Indian wedding cost UK?

“The average Asian couple spend between £50,000-£100,000 on their wedding, depending on how many functions they hold for their celebrations, with costs only expected to grow.”

How do I plan a Hindu wedding checklist?

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist Every Indian Bride Needs To Follow…

  1. Start planning at least 6 months earlier as a wedding is no easy feat!
  2. Planning: Decide theme for décor.
  3. Make Up:
  4. Photography:
  5. Entertainment:
  6. Mehndi:
  7. Bridal wear:
  8. Gifting:

How plan a perfect Indian wedding?

  1. Plan Ahead to Reduce the Stress.
  2. Set A Budget & Stick to it Before Planning an Indian Wedding.
  3. Wedding Timelines and Booking Schedules.
  4. Venue Selection and Guest Accommodation.
  5. Choose an Invitation Style.
  6. Wedding Theme and Flower Arrangements.
  7. Gaming & Fun.
  8. Food and Catering Services.

How long does it take to plan Indian wedding?

Most Indian weddings in America will take a minimum of 12 months to plan, from the moment you get engaged until you’re at the altar (mandap). In India hotels and halls can be booked sooner, so there it can be done within 6 months.

How much does a middle class Indian wedding cost?

The wedding cost in metropolitan cities is estimated to be anywhere between Rs. 25 lakhs to 70 lakhs, while online matrimonial websites bring in anywhere between Rs. 200 – 250 crores, either through registration fees or match-making fees annually!

What do you wear to an Indian wedding UK?

“For a Hindu wedding, above all colour is king. From bright shades to pastels, almost anything goes but it’s traditional for brides to wear red or occasionally hues of pink or purple. Double check the wedding invitation to confirm if there’s a specific dress code or any restrictions regarding colour.

What should an Indian bride do before marriage?


  • Bridal Care Before One Year Of Marriage.
  • Start getting regular body massages.
  • Bridal Care Before 6 Months Of Marriage.
  • Start following a healthy diet.
  • Start getting facials.
  • Get plenty of good quality sleep.
  • Bridal Care Before 3 Months Of Marriage.
  • Double cleanse at night.

How can I plan my Indian wedding on a small budget?

15 Interesting Ways To Plan A Perfect Budget Wedding In India

  1. Draft your Financial Situation in Detail. Finance is the bottom line for any party, ceremony or event.
  2. Deciding over Venue.
  3. Less Flowers.
  4. Make Off-Season Purchase.
  5. Use your own Speakers.
  6. Take Expert Advice.
  7. Cut Down on Décor.
  8. Create a Rational Guest List.

Can the Indian wedding planning checklist be used for shorter planning cycles?

Despite the fact that the Indian Wedding Planning Checklist was created according to a minimum 12 months planning cycle, you can employ this check-list for shorter or longer marriage planning periods, with several sensible adjustments of the check-list.

What should be on your wedding planning checklist?

Since you’ll have chosen your wedding outfit now or know what you’re planning to wear, you can start purchasing your accessories, like shoes, hair accessories, and lingerie. Grooms can buy shoes to start wearing them in, and pick things like their tie and cufflinks. This is such a fun step in your wedding planning checklist! 33.

When should you start planning your wedding?

With this wedding checklist, we start at 18 months before the big day and work right up until the day itself, letting you know what you should book or decide upon.

How to choose the right wedding service provider?

This means you ought to have plenty of time for sourcing good ideas, getting in touch with your wedding service providers, in depth conversation with the service vendors and lastly confirming your vendor choices. Come to an agreement on the wedding finance and expenses and how the costs are going to be split between both bride and groom’s families