How do you cite EU documents?

To be made up of:

  1. Name of EU institution (for example, Council of the European Union, European Commission).
  2. Year of publication (in round brackets).
  3. Title (in italics).
  4. Place of publication: publisher.

How do you cite legislation in Chicago?

Include the title of the bill or resolution, bill or resolution number, and congress and session numbers. Also include publication information if using a published form of the bill.

How do you cite a document in Chicago style?

Chicago Citation Format

  1. Author’s last name, first name, middle initial (if given).
  2. Title of document (in italics).
  3. Format (special presentation).
  4. Publisher city: publishing company, copyright date (if given).
  5. Source (From Library of Congress in normal font), Collection name with dates (in italics).

How do you cite a website Chicago style?

General format Firstname Lastname, “Title of Web Page,” Publishing Organization or Name of Website, publication date and/or access date if available, URL. Shortened note (after it has been used once): 4. Lastname, “Shortened title.”

How do you cite legislation in text?

Basic format to reference legislation and cases

  1. Short Title of Act (in italics).
  2. Year (in italics).
  3. Jurisdiction abbreviation (in round brackets).
  4. Section number and subdivision if applicable.
  5. Country abbreviation (in round brackets).
  6. The first line of each citation is left adjusted.

How do you cite EU legislation?

When citing EU treaties and protocols: give the title of the legislation (including amendments), year of publication, the OJ series, issue and page numbers. legislation title | [year] | OJ series | issue/first page. Consolidated Version of the Treaty on European Union [2008] OJ C115/13.

How do you cite UK legislation in Chicago?

As explained in Cite them right UK statutes (Acts of Parliament), you will need to reference a statute in the following way: Title of Act year, chapter number. Available at: URL (Accessed: date). In-text citation: The legislation (Food Standards Act 1999) states that… Reference list: Food Standards Act 1999, c.

How do you reference the Official Journal of the European Union?

Reference to the Official Journal can be made in three different ways:

  1. Long form. The long form is: Official Journal of the European Union (in italics) It is used: (a)
  2. Short form. The short form is: Official Journal (not italics) It is used: (a)
  3. Abbreviated form. The abbreviated form is: OJ L, OJ L … I, OJ C, OJ C …