How long does it take to charge a JLG Lift?

The length of time it takes to charge a scissor lift varies. In some instances, it can take about six hours to charge a lift before an operator can use it for a full work day.

How do you test a scissor lift charger?

Measure the battery voltage with the power turned off. Connect the charger and then turn charger on. Measure the battery voltage. If the charger is working, the charging battery voltage should be higher than the non-charging voltage if the charger is working.

Is your JLG boom lift not working properly?

So your JLG boom lift isn’t functioning properly? Well that’s alright because we’ve come up with a troubleshooting page for you, this one specifically for JLG boom lifts. Written below are some highly popular JLG boom lifts and their corresponding error codes, although not restricted to these models.

What is the purpose of the JLG lift manual?

3121179 – JLG Lift –a FOREWORD This manual is a very important tool! Keep it with the machine at all times. The purpose of this manual is to provide owners, users, operators, lessors, and lessees with the precautions and operating procedures essential for the safe and proper machine operation for its intended purpose.

How do you operate a JLG lift 4-10?

SECTION 4 – MACHINE OPERATION 4-10– JLG Lift – 3121179 4.11 SHUT DOWN AND PARK 1. Drive machine to a reasonably well protected area. 2. Be sure the main boom is fully retracted and lowered over rear drive axle. 3. Remove all load and allow engine to operate 3-5 min- utes at LOW setting to permit reduction of internal engine temperatures. 4.

What does the malfunction light mean on a JLG system?

System Malfunction Indicator The light indicates that the JLG Control System has detected a malfunction and a Diagnostic Trouble Code has been set in the system memory. Refer to the Service Manual for instructions concerning the trouble codes and trouble code retrieval.