How many full time residents live in Outer Banks?

So what makes these barrier islands so special? With a population of over 35,000 people living here year-round, there is a reason why many choose to call the Outer Banks home.

How many residents live in Outer Banks NC?

According to the latest census, the Outer Banks population is 57,755.

Can you live on the Outer Banks year round?

Can You Live in the Outer Banks Year-Round? Yes, there are 34K people that call the Banks home year-round. The area infrastructure operates 12-months out of the year, so the towns are always “open”.

Where do locals live in Outer Banks?

The Best Places to Live in the Outer Banks

  • Corolla. The most northern town in the Outer Banks, Corolla is home to miles of beautiful beaches, wild horses, fabulous restaurants, a plethora of outdoor activities, and great golfing.
  • Duck.
  • Southern Shores.
  • Kitty Hawk.
  • Kill Devil Hills.
  • Nags Head.
  • Manteo.
  • Rodanthe.

Is the Outer Banks sinking?

The sea level is rising around the world because of climate change. But in North Carolina, the Outer Banks is experiencing more sea level rise than the Wilmington area because the land is actually sinking. This effect has long been observed by coastal scientists in the state.

Is there any truth to Outer Banks?

The question that often comes up is whether Outer Banks is based on a true story or not. The story in the series isn’t based on facts, but the creators, twin brothers Josh and Jonas Pate, used their experiences visiting the Outer Banks when they were children to build the story.

Did Outer Banks end?

The final episode of Outer Banks was a thrilling ride that capped off a very suspenseful season. After a wild amount of near-death experiences, the Pogues had to get their half-billion dollar treasure back from the Camerons and avoid the homicidal crew of a tanker ship.

How many people live in the Outer Banks?

So, when you look at the population size of 57,755, that is an extreme misrepresentation of the traffic that the area sees. The number of permanent residents may be small, but the Outer Banks is full of excitement throughout the year.

Where can I work year round in the Outer Banks?

For those looking to work year round general employment is most often found in banking, local retail businesses, real estate, construction and vacation home management. For those in specialized fields the Outer Banks has growing needs of skilled professionals.

What should new residents know before moving to the Outer Banks?

Finally, once on the Outer Banks, new residents who want to be in the know about local events, community groups, or local happenings, are encouraged to check out their local papers.

Where can I rent a vacation rental home in the Outer Banks?

Every community on the Outer and Inner Banks has the potential to be a phenomenal locale for a vacation rental home, however, the majority of rental homes are located directly on the barrier islands. Look for popular communities or subdivisions within the northern, central, or southern Outer Banks regions, or simply head towards the water.