How many hours IIT toppers study a day?

Time Management and Revision Whether you concentrate for 2 hours every day, ensure you utilize those two hours and be productive. The perfect time from my experience is to study for 4 hours, in any event, every day and give an extra hour day by day just for fathoming mock papers (only those queries you have saved).

How do JEE toppers think?

The one thing that all JEE toppers have in common is their dream and ambition. They fix their eyes on the top ranks right from the start and their goal never wavers. This level of ambition is the first thing that can take you to the top. Once you have fixed your aim, you need to put in efforts to achieve it.

How do IIT toppers study?

JEE toppers are hard working dedicated students throughout the preparation. They stay away from all distractions, just to focus on one aim – to be the best. They are consistent and mostly busy with stuff related to studies, whether solving questions or discussing doubts with teachers.

How many hours does IIT toppers study?

5–6 hours can get you a good rank and just in case you are the one who can spare 8–10 hours, you are certainly talking within top 50–100.

What JEE toppers do differently?

How do IIT-JEE Toppers Study and What they do Differently than Others?

  • Proper Time Management.
  • Good Coaching/Mentoring.
  • Examination Strategies.
  • Constant Revisions.
  • Be Positive Always.
  • More Understanding, Less Memorizing.
  • Good Study Materials.
  • Self Study.

How many hours a topper study in a day?

You can bring about certain adjustments in your habits and behavior also. While maintaining a study schedule of 12 to 14 hours a day, you need to give importance to the quality of your study. Self-discipline: It is only through self-discipline can one guarantee a good result.

What are the topper tips for IIT JEE aspirants?

He had worked very hard to be at the top and one of the main topper tips for IIT JEE aspirants is to work on the weak areas and focus on strengthening the stronger areas. He tells the candidates to take lot of mock tests to increase confidence.

Why is it important to know IIT toppers study plan?

It is very important to know IIT Toppers Study Plan so that the JEE aspirants can get motivation from them. Krishna Reddy shares his tips for the students and tells about his study plan.

Who is the All India Topper in JEE Advanced 2013?

All India Toppers: JEE Advanced 2013! Joint Entrance Exam- JEE (Advanced) 2013 results got declared earlier than expected, on Friday, June 21, 2013. The exam was conducted on June 2. Pallerla Sai Sandeep Reddy, a student of Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy, Andhra Pradesh bagged the All India first rank.

How to prepare for the IIT-JEE?

The IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers are shared regularly that help JEE aspirants prepare in a best possible way. The tips from some of the past rankers are given below that will definitely help JEE aspirants in the preparation and also give them motivation and inspiration. 1. Work Hard and be Stress – Free