How much does a MN DNR officer make?

The current salary range is $27.22 to $35.78 hourly / $56,835 to $74,709 annually. Conservation officers are also eligible for seasonal overtime earnings.

What is your MN DNR number?

Call us: 651-296-6157 or 888-MINNDNR (646-6367)

What does the Minnesota DNR do?

The mission of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is to work with Minnesotans to conserve and manage the state’s natural resources, to provide outdoor recreation opportunities, and to provide for commercial uses of natural resources in a way that creates a sustainable quality of life.

Is the ice safe in Minnesota?

The DNR says ice conditions are never 100% safe but it recommends anglers stay on land until there are at least 4 inches of “new, clear ice.” Those riding an ATV or snowmobile should wait until there is a minimum of 5-7 inches of ice, and those driving a truck or hauling a wheelhouse-type fishing shelter should wait …

How many people are employed by the MN DNR?

3,000 professionals
Jobs and career resources Join our team of over 3,000 professionals. Help to conserve and manage Minnesota’s natural resources. We offer competitive pay and benefits.

Can you walk on 2 inches of ice?

General Ice Thickness Guidelines 2 inches thick The ice is very susceptible to breakage and is not safe to walk on. 4 inches thick It should be ok to stand, skate, and ice fish on the surface. Anything above 12 inches Ice lakes with this thickness should be able to support medium sized trucks.

What is the name of the jail in Ramsey County?

The Sheriff’s Office operates the Adult Detention Center (commonly referred to as the Ramsey County Jail) under state law.

When was the Ramsey County Adult Detention Center opened?

Opened in December 2003, the ADC currently employs nearly 150 detention, law enforcement and medical staff. The Sheriff’s Office operates the Adult Detention Center (commonly referred to as the Ramsey County Jail) under state law.

How do I apply for a job in Ramsey County?

Click on the job title from the list. Select ‘apply’. First time users set up a user name and password and complete a profile. Be sure to save this login information for future access. Ramsey County sends all notices during the screening and examination process via email only.

Why work for Ramsey County?

Ramsey County employs nearly 4,000 people in full and part-time positions in a variety of fields related to Health and Wellness, Safety and Justice, Information and Public Records, Economic Growth and Community Investment and more. We welcome all applicants – you do not need to be a county resident to apply.