Is AutoPot any good?

AutoPot Systems are a great investment – they’re low cost, cheap to run & easy to use. They’re infinitely expandable, and don’t use any power whatsoever! Use yours wisely and you’ll get great yields.

Is AutoPot system hydroponic?

The Autopot hydroponics system (wick method) is the hydroponic No Brainer! It is the only truly passive system for growing herbs and veggies. It does not require electricity, pumps, timers, or aerators. But these do make a good, dependable, trouble-free growing system.

How do you feed AutoPot?

Feed plants on plain water from reservoir for 24 hours. Add liquid organic feed again to correct dosage. Repeat. Top up the reservoir with water as necessary.

Do you need clay pebbles with Autopots?

An ideal substrate for use with AutoPot is a 50% mix of perlite or clay pebbles with either soil or coco. For good drainage we recommend a 2.5cm / 1” (maximum depth) layer of pH stable clay pebbles, pea gravel, Growstones or Perlite No. 3 in the base of each pot.

Do Autopots yield more?

At AutoPot, we call this technology PCI or Plant Controlled Irrigation. The hotter the day or the bigger the plants, the greater their feeding needs. This affects how often the AQUAvalve opens and closes. With unrestricted access to water and nutrients, you get huge yield increases.

How does the AutoPot system work?

Autopots are an all-in-one cultivation system that use gravity pressure to fill tubs with water/fertilizer solution. The plants sit over the top of this tub in special pots that are designed to help the plant wick water up from the tub, thus watering and feeding the plant with minimal interaction from the grower.

How does an AutoPot system work?

Autopots are an all-in-one cultivation system that use gravity pressure to fill tubs with water/fertilizer solution. They use a special kind of float valve to refill the tubs when they go dry.

What nutrients to use with Autopots?

There are many types of growing media that can be used as well as nutrients. Coco Coir on its own or mixed with perlite, pumice, or rice hulls has proven to work great. Mineral based nutrients like Canna, General Hydroponics, or Emerald Harvest work well if you prefer the hydroponic approach.

How long does AutoPot reservoir last?

All that’s left is to turn on the reservoir tap and that’s it. As long as water is in the system, it’ll operate 24hours a day, 365 days a year. The system is completely modular, and modules of any design can be added at any time.

What is the best medium for Autopots?

The guys at AutoPot recommend using a 50/50 mix of: Perlite or clay pebbles (50%)…Whatever your growing method, you need a media or media mix that is:

  • Light.
  • Fluffy.
  • Free draining.
  • Aerated.
  • Absorbent.

Can you use rockwool in Autopots?

As with the other blocks on trial Hugo Rockwool has sufficient capacity to contain a plant for the duration of its crop cycle, negating the need for repotting. Substrate blocks can also be a great means of bringing on plants in the vegetative stage before transplanting to an AutoPot Watering System.