Is Megan Hilty a real singer?

Megan Kathleen Hilty (born March 29, 1981) is an American actress and singer….

Megan Hilty
Occupation Actress singer
Years active 1995; 2005–present
Spouse(s) Brian Gallagher ​ ( m. 2013)​
Children 2

Who was Megan Hilty Elphaba?

Eden Espinosa
Megan first starred in the Broadway production of Wicked as the Standby for Glinda. She joined the company on August 3, 2004 until she was cast as lead on May 31, 2005. She departed the company on May 28, 2006. She starred alongside Shoshana Bean, then Eden Espinosa as Elphaba.

Is Megan Hilty married?

Brian Gallagherm. 2013
Megan Hilty/Spouse

Who is Megan Hilty’s grandmother?

Broadway star Megan Hilty and band members pause for Where’s Amy after the show at the Palladium. Megan Hilty, center, after the concert with fan Calliope Rust (Carmel) and her grandmother, Mary Ann Meyer (Carmel). Calliope Rust (Carmel) with her grandmother, Mary Ann Meyer (Carmel).

Does Megan Hilty sing in sweet mountain Christmas?

I wish more Christmas movies would do it and that the ones that do a little would do more. Megan Hilty has a great voice and some of the harmonies she has with others in this film are lovely. Marcus Rosner doesn’t need to be able to sing, he just has to look gorgeous and he does it very perfectly.

Who are Megan Hilty’s parents?

Donna Hilty
Jack Hilty
Megan Hilty/Parents
Hilty attended Sammamish High School — her parents, Jack and Donna Hilty, still live in the same Bellevue house Megan grew up in — before transferring to the now-defunct Washington Academy of Performing Arts in Redmond and later the Chrysalis School in Woodinville.

What songs does Megan Hilty sing in sweet mountain Christmas?

Christmas State of Mind [Live cover version] Megan Hilty sings.

Who is the singer in Sweet Mountain Christmas?

singer Megan Hilty
Actress and singer Megan Hilty of “Santa’s Boots” and the upcoming “Sweet Mountain Christmas” (Premieres Friday, October 25 at 8/7c) tells us about her family’s special Christmas traditions.

Does Megan Hilty sing in the movie Sweet Mountain Christmas?

Who does the singing in Sweet Mountain Christmas?