What are the positive effect of Facebook?

The positive impacts of Facebook : It helps to build strong business network. It also helps to find good jobs. You can find your old friends whom you had lost connection. You can find friends all over the world.

What are the impact of Facebook?

With the status updates, photos, and profile information, it can keep you up to date on the happenings of all of your close ones. Making new friends: Facebook makes meeting new people extremely easy due to the fact that it allows you to add up to thousands of friends, and acts as a social melting pot of the internet.

What is the impact of Facebook to society?

Facebook enhances people’s ability to connect with others and form positive relationships with peers. Researchers found that there is more one-on-one communication and directed communication in Facebook, through tags and sharing. This is a way that we improve bonding with others and strengthen relationships.

What are the positive and negative impacts of tourism in terms of economic?

Tourism can provide jobs and improve the wealth of an area. Many developing countries are keen to develop tourism in order to become richer and to improve the quality of life for their people….Positive and negative impacts of tourism.

Positive Negative
More money for the country Most money goes out of the area to big companies, not locals

What is the impact of earthquake to the community?

An earthquake can collapse bridges, cause both landslides and avalanches, and damage roads making them impassable. This can easily isolate communities within Teton County not allowing the people already there to leave, and more importantly blocking emergency services from reaching them.

How do earthquakes affect humans and society?

An average of 3.5 million people are affected by earthquakes every year. Earthquakes usually cause severe damage to urban centres, resulting in the loss of life and damage to homes and other infrastructure. Earthquakes sometimes trigger tsunamis, landslides and occasionally volcanic activity.

What is the social impact of earthquakes?

The induced seismicity has caused many social impacts. Impacts include building damage, reduced house prices, fear and health issues.