What can I purchase with my PayFlex card?

Spending money in your account is easy with the PayFlex Card. Use it for eligible health care expenses, such as doctor and dentist visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, hearing and vision care.

What does Flexpay cover?

It helps you save on everyday items like contact lenses, sunscreen and bandages. Or those high dollar expenses like surgery, orthodontia, and hearing aids. Review the full list of eligible expenses and choose how to spend your funds. Typically, you must spend the money in your FSA by the end of the plan year.

What are eligible expenses for flexible spending accounts?

An arrangement through your employer that lets you pay for many out-of-pocket medical expenses with tax-free dollars. Allowed expenses include insurance copayments and deductibles, qualified prescription drugs, insulin, and medical devices.

Can I use PayFlex for massage?

If you have a Flex Spending Account (FSA), you may not be aware that Massage Therapy can qualify as a medical expense. If massage therapy services are prescribed by your physician then you can use your FSA account to pay for these services.

Is Apple Watch covered by FSA?

Apple Watches are not considered medical devices and therefore cannot be bought with FSA funds. Even if a doctor says it’s a medical necessity there’s nothing that states Apple Watch is a medical device.

What is not covered by a flexible spending account?

These items include antacids, allergy medicine, pain relievers, cold medicine, feminine products and more. Any item that is purchased to maintain good health and not to treat or alleviate an illness or injury is not reimbursable.

Is hand sanitizer covered by FSA?

The IRS has announced that purchases of personal protective equipment (PPE) qualify for reimbursement under a health flexible spending account (FSA), health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), or health savings account (HSA).

What items are eligible for FSA?

Athletic bandages and braces are eligible OTC items that do not require a prescription for reimbursement. Athletic bandages and braces reimbursement is eligible with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA) or health reimbursement arrangement.

Are all of your products FSA eligible?

Are all of your products FSA eligible? Yes. However, there are certain Flexible Spending Accounts that do not cover each and every item, this is sometimes set up by employers which limits some of the products you can buy. Most people will know whether their employer has limited the purchases that qualify but other than those rare FSA accounts, everything is eligible under the IIAS list that is the standard for FSA eligible products.

What is eligible with a FSA?

Here’s a list of Health FSA-eligible items you can buy without a prescription: Acne light therapy Athletic and orthopedic braces and supports Breast pumps and accessories Blood glucose monitors and testing strips Blood pressure monitors Condoms Contact lenses and supplies Denture cream and cleansers Eye drops First aid supplies and kits

What are FSA eligible expenses?

Let’s take a look at 51 surprisingly eligible FSA expenses: AA Meetings: (HCFSA) Many people have used the Alcoholics Anonymous program to successfully treat addiction. You can also use your Health Care FSA to pay for transportation to said meetings. Parking (HCFSA) If you have to pay for parking at your doctor’s office, you can charge it to your FSA.