What chapter does Timothy die in the Cay?

Chapter 15

What is the point of view of the cay?

The Cay is told retrospectively from our protagonist Phillip’s point of view. The narrative is written in the first person, which means that Phillip is telling the story himself. He’s a “central” narrator because he’s telling the story about himself – he’s the star in his own story.

How does Phillip go blind in the Cay?

Phillip’s Blindness After a German torpedo hits the S.S. Hato, Phillip is injured and eventually goes blind. This disability forces him to depend on the West Indian man Timothy and see the world from his point of view.

Why did Timothy strike Phillip in the face?

What causes Timothy to strike Phillip in the face? He strikes Philip because Philip refuses to even try to help make sleeping mats. Philip makes fun of Timothy because he cannot spell. What does Phillip discover about Timothy that makes him begin to change and say I want to be your friend?

What does Timothy believe is causing bad luck?

Timothy creates a carving of Stew Cat because he thinks Stew Cat is bad luck. He calls him a “jumbi.” Voodoo was something many of the Black people from the islands believed in and practiced. Timothy is convinced that Stew Cat is the cause of all their troubles and bad luck.

Why did Timothy and Phillip glad start raining?

Why were Timothy and Phillip glad when it started raining? They needed drinking water.

What was on the island in the Cay?

The Cay is a tale of shipwreck and survival. Stuck on a tiny cay, or island, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, far from populated land, Phillip and Timothy must use every skill they possess to stay alive. Their only resources are a water keg, a knife, a few matches, and the items they can scavenge from the island.

What does Phillip have to help Timothy do with the rocks?

Phillip makes his way to the shore and drags Timothy onto the beach. He then covers Timothy with grape leaves and brings him water from the hut in an attempt to make him comfortable and nurse him back to health. The fever eventually breaks, and Phillip helps Timothy return to the hut.

Who is Timothy in the book the cay?

Timothy is the kind-hearted West Indian man who saves Phillip’s life again and again. He pulls him on the raft, rescues him from sharks, and shelters him from the hurricane. As a character, Timothy’s purpose in the novel is to aid in Phillip’s character transformation.

What happened in chapter 17 of the cay?

What happened? Timothy warned Phillip that he should not go diving for langosta, or lobster, in the coral reef. Because of his blindness, it was too dangerous. In chapter 17 of The Cay, Phillip is tired of eating fish and sea grape leaves, so he decides to ignore Timothy’s warning and go diving for langosta.

What chapter does Phillip go blind in the Cay?

Chapter 4

Where are Philip and his family from in the Cay?

Phillip’s Background Phillip is an eleven-year-old boy from Virginia. He lives with his parents on the island of Curacao, a Dutch settlement in the West Indies. He is a lot like a boy you might meet in school – he enjoys fishing, sailing, hiking, and playing with his friends.

What sickness did Timothy have in the Cay?

In chapter 12 of The Cay, Timothy is sick with malaria. He has a fever and chills, and he gets confused. Phillip tries to help him. When Timothy runs to the water, Phillip drags him back out.

What is Timothy’s last name in the Cay?

Timothy of the Cay is a book written by Theodore Taylor….Timothy of the Cay.

Author Theodore Taylor
Publication date 1993
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
ISBN 978-0-7
OCLC /td>

Why is Phillips family in Curacao?

On Curacao, he was in charge of “a program to increase the production of aviation gas.” Enright’s decision to move his family to Curacao put them in harm’s way of the new German U-boat threats that patrolled the waters, and his wife was never happy there because of the constant smell of oil and that there were so “many …

Where is Timothy from in the Cay?

Skeptical of Timothy at first because he is black, he relies on him when he is blinded and comes to appreciate him and creates a strong bond of friendship and trust with Timothy. Timothy: West Indian native of Charlotte Amalie in Saint Thomas, is marooned with Phillip.

Why did Mrs Enright decide to leave Curacao with Phillip do you think that they really had to leave or that she was looking for an excuse to leave?

Why did Mrs. Enright decide to leave curacao with Philip? Do you think that they really had to leave, or that she was looking for an exscuse to leave? She was looking for an excuse to leaving because she didnt want to go to the island in the first place.

What happened in Chapter 1 of the cay?

Chapter one of The Cay describes the island in the Caribbean where Phillip lives with his mother and father. A German submarine bombs the neighboring island of Aruba, and Phillip and his friend Henrik sneak out to see what they can see. The soldiers send them home, and Phillip talks with his parents about the war.

What happens to Phillip when his headache goes away?

What happens to Phillip when his headache goes away? Nothing happens to him. He is left deaf. He cannot taste anything.

What is the setting in the Cay?

The Cay by Theodore Taylor is set in 1942 in the middle of World War II. The story of The Cay begins on Curacao, one of a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea settled by the Dutch. In 1942, Holland (the home nation of the Dutch) had already been conquered by Germany.

Who is telling the story in the Cay?

The narrator is Philip Enright, an eleven-year-old boy whose family is in Curacao because his father works for an oil company there. The book is set during World War II and tells the story of what happens to Philip when he is shipwrecked.