What does peak times mean in slang?

Peak (definition 1): When something is peak, it’s a cuss that makes your opponent upset and can’t bring comebacks. 512 up, 284 down. Peak (definition 2): It can refer to an excellent or top quality situation/object/event/person. Curiously, it can also refer to a very negative situation. 242 up, 149 down.

What does my pick mean?

If you have your pick of a group of things, you are able to choose any of them that you want.

What is meant by peak and off-peak times?

You use off-peak to describe something that happens or that is used at times when there is least demand for it. Prices at off-peak times are often lower than at other times.

How do you use the word pick?

Pick sentence example

  1. You’d better call one of the girls to pick you up.
  2. No.
  3. I’ll soon pick it up.
  4. As it was, the kids might pick up on her fear and emulate.
  5. I can pick you up at the hospital after work and we can spend the night up there.
  6. We could stop by and pick her up.
  7. And you didn’t pick them?

Is Electric cheaper after 6pm?

A new electricity tariff will make it cheaper to run the washing machine and other appliances at night. Most standard households pay the same for their electricity whether they use it at 3am or 6pm – around 10p-14p per kWh. …

What word means highest point?

Frequently Asked Questions About peak Some common synonyms of peak are acme, apex, climax, culmination, pinnacle, and summit. While all these words mean “the highest point attained or attainable,” peak suggests the highest among other high points.

What is time delay in DSP?

For a device such as an amplifier or telecommunications system, group delay and phase delay are device performance properties that help to characterize time delay, which is the amount of time for the various frequency components of a signal to pass through the device from input to output.

What is picktime?

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What does the word pick mean?

Pick means ‘remove small pieces of something from something else, usually with your hands’: Let’s go into the garden and pick some flowers for the dinner table. Not: … pick up some flowers …

What are screen time pickups?

The only mentions of Screen Time pickups on their website describe it simply as “how many times a device was picked up,” or slight rewordings of that phrase. The WWDC 2018 keynote and Apple Support video on Screen time are similarly unhelpful.

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