What does the Infant of Prague symbolize?

The Significance of the Infant Jesus of Prague By depicting Jesus as a child, the tradition of the Infant of Prague also emphasizes His humanity, and how we are children of God because of the salvation that He brings us. The figure of the Child Jesus, the tender infant, brings home to us God’s closeness and his love.

What is the Infant of Prague known for?

Known as the Infant Jesus of Prague, the statue is placed in the Church of Our Lady Victorious, and it has been a symbol of Christian faith and Jesus’ teaching for millions of people around the world since its creation. The statue is old over 400 years, made in the 16th century and donated to the church in 1628.

Why is it called Infant Jesus of Prague?

Its exact historical origins are obscure, but devotion to the Child is believed to have begun in 1556 when Maria Manriquez de Lara brought the image of the infant to Bohemia (former name for Czech territory) from Spain on her marriage to local nobleman Vrasitlav of Pernstyn.

How are you chosen as the godfather of the baby Jesus statue?

The person who was “selected” to be the Godparent presents the baby Jesus with a new christening gown and oversees the Christening of the baby. Obviously, the Infant Jesus is a very important part of the Christmas celebration in Mexico. The Padrino (Godfather) also takes candles to Church.

What is the flame of love rosary?

The prayer is: “Spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of Love over all of humanity”, which Our Lord and Our Lady ask to have inserted in the Hail Mary after “pray for us sinners,”. This is her Flame of Love bursting forth from her Immaculate Heart by which she will blind Satan.

What was the gift of Magellan to the Queen of ZUBU?

Before her baptism, when Queen Juana was presented with a small sculpture representation of the Child Jesus – the image of the Santo Niño, the queen asked for the Child Jesus to replace her idols. Magellan’s chronicler, Pigafetta, wrote that the queen providentially recognized the presence of the True God in the icon.

What was the gift of Magellan to the wife of Humabon?

There is little doubt that Humabon’s wife, who had days before been christened Juana, had been gifted by Magellan with the image of the Sto. Niño with the admonition to destroy all the idols and the shrines that were lining the seashore.

Where are infant of Prague dresses made?

Infant of Prague Dress – two styles available Satin and velvet gowns made in USA available in limited colors in 12″, 17″ or 24″ size. These are one piece dresses shown in the first 3 pictures with white lace at the bottom. We are pleased to be the only USA distributor for Infant dresses hand made in Prague!

Why did the Carmelite sisters dress the Prague Infant Jesus?

Dressing the Prague Infant Jesus People know the Infant Jesus mainly wearing his royal robes. Dressing the Infant Jesus emphasises his real humanity – as mother dresses her child, so the Carmelite Sisters dress the small Jesus. The actual robes however indicate his Heavenly origin, his priestly, and royal majesty.

How do I measure my infant of Prague for a vestment?

To measure your existing Infant of Prague statue for a vestment, measure from statue bottom (base) to under the statue’s chin and then base to top of crown. If you measure 10-10.5″ from base to bottom of chin & you measure 11-11.5″ from base to the top of crown; order a size 12″ vestment.

What colour are the dresses at the Prague monuments?

This style is shown in pictures 4 – 11 with the gold trim in red, white, blue, gold, purple and green. These dresses are a replica of the dresses used to outfit the original statue in Prague!