What farm expenses are deductible?

Some of the expenses that farmers commonly deduct cover the cost of livestock and feed, seeds, fertilizer, wages paid to employees, interest paid during the year on farm-related loans, depreciation to recover a portion of equipment costs, utilities and insurance premiums.

How many years can a farm show a loss?

The IRS stipulates that you can typically claim three consecutive years of farm losses. In some situations, however, four consecutive years of claims may be possible.

How do you classify your property as a farm?

According to the United States Internal Revenue Service, a business qualifies as a farm if it is actively cultivating, operating or managing land for profit. A farm includes livestock, dairy, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit.

Can I write off my tractor?

Farmers can deduct tractors from their taxes. Otherwise, you may not be able to deduct the tractor from your taxes. As of 2011, the full price of the tractor may be deducted at once as long as the price is less than $500,000. To deduct a tractor from your taxes fill out the Schedule 179 Deduction form.

How many chickens qualify as a farm?

To be a legal “farm” for tax purposes you have minimum acreage requirements and there there are maximum amounts of livestock depending on zoning, A1, A2, etc. So, legally, if your plot of land qualifies as a farm, 1 chicken should be enough. If it does not meet the land qualifications, the # of chickens doesn’t matter.

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