What is a 321 Movement in SAP?

Movement Type: 321 is used to Transfer Goods From Quality to UnRestricted Stock. Movement Type: 322 is used to Transfer Goods From UnRestricted Stock to Quality. Movement Type: 501 is used to do Goods Receipt without Purchase Order.

What is a 309 Movement in SAP?

309 Movement type is used for Transferring Material stock to the Material stock. You can transfer the material unrestricted stock to material unrestricted stock. NOTE : YOU CANNOT TRANSFER MATERIAL IF THE RECIVING MATERIAL HAS DIFFERENT UOM.

How do you move material from restricted to unrestricted in SAP?

You can change the restricted stock to unrestricted stock of a batch in change batch transaction(T. Code MSC2N). In the basic data tab of the batch you will find two radio buttons Restricted use and unrestricted use. As you have set the status to unrestricted and save.

What is 601 movement type in SAP?

601 Goods issue for delivery (Shipping) In Shipping, this movement type is created automatically with the Goods issue for delivery function. The quantity is taken from unrestricted-use stock.

What is 655 movement type in SAP?

Quality inspection stock (movement type 655)

What is 202 movement type in SAP?

Mvt type 202 is technically the movement type for reversal of 201 mvt type ( issue to cost center ). This mvt type is picked up automatically in case of cancellation of 201 mat docs . But when manually a posting is done using this movement type , this is deemed as good as direct uploading of the stock.

What is 301 movement type in SAP?

Movement Type:301 Movement type 301 is used to transfer material from a storage location in one plant to a storage location in a different plant. The value of the material is transferred at the moving average price of the issuing plant. Movement 301 needs to be used each time material is moved from plant to plant.

Is there any movement type to transfer material to Qi stock?

Is there any movement type to transfer material from unrestricted use stock to Quality Inspection stock or to Restricted use stock? Thanks in advance. You can use mov. type :322 for posting UR stock into QI stock.

What is the best movement type for transfer posting from inspection?

Use Movement Type 321 for Transfer posting from quality Inspection Stock to Unrestricted stock and 322 for reversal. Hope this will help you. You can try movement type 322 for Unrestricted ti QI and 344 for unrestricted to block.

Is material stock qty displayed in quality stock in mb1a?

Some Material stock qty displayed in Quality Stock, but i checked in QA32 also. But It will displayed in Quality Stock, Please give Step for Quality Stock move to Unrestricted in MB1A or MB1C or any other .