What is remote deposit capture service?

Remote deposit capture (RDC) technology helps to streamline and improve the efficiency of one area of bank operations: processing check deposits. Paper checks are digitally scanned, and an image of the check is electronically transmitted to the customer’s bank.

How much does remote deposit capture cost?

Once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to make multiple deposits from your home or office for just $15 per month.

What is a remote deposit transaction?

The Remote Deposit Complete application provides the ability to process your customers’ checks through high-speed or single-check scanners to convert them to electronic image transactions and later be credited to the proper bank account(s).

How do you make a remote bank deposit?

Remote deposit allows someone to deposit checks to an account without handing over the physical check to the bank. They simply snap a photograph or scan the front and back of a check, then transmit it electronically.

What is the difference between remote deposit capture and mobile deposit?

Remote Deposit Capture is a service that allows you to deposit checks into your personal checking account without visiting a branch or ATM. This mobile deposit can be done anywhere with the use of your Smartphone. (Requires a minimum two mega-pixel camera with autofocus for your device.)

How long should a business keep checks after remote deposit?

After you send check images using Remote Deposit Online, the endorsed deposited items must be safeguarded for a minimum of 14 calendar days from the date of transmission. After 14 days they must be destroyed or otherwise rendered incapable of transmission or presentment.

How does remote capture work?

Remote deposit capture works by digitally scanning paper checks and uploading an image of the check to the customer’s bank. While the funds from paper checks are generally available within five business days of the deposit, the funds from RDC checks are often available within one to two business days.

How long does a remote deposit take?

In many cases, your bank makes funds available to you within one business day (although you’ll occasionally face holds).

How safe is remote deposit?

In the banking industry, you may hear this digital transaction referred to as “remote deposit capture.” Not only is this a convenient process, but it’s also safe. Still, you should always ensure that the banking app you are downloading to complete a mobile check deposit is from a reputable source.

What do you do with remote deposited checks?

It’s good practice to write “deposited” on any check you deposit with a mobile app, and then, once it’s been accepted by your bank, destroy it.

What do I write on a deposited check?

The most secure way to endorse a check is to:

  1. Write: “For Deposit Only to Account Number XXXXXXXXXX”
  2. Sign your name below that, but still within the endorsement area of the check.