What is the best 3×3 Speed cube?

5 Best 3×3 Speed Cubes Available In The Market

  • Gan 11 M PRO. Buy Now. The Gan 11 pro-M is Gan’s flagship speedcube.
  • MoYu Weilong WR M 2021. Buy Now.
  • MoYu RS3M 2020. Buy Now.
  • QiYi X-Man Tornado v2. Buy Now.
  • Weilong WRM 2019. Buy Now.

What is the best 3×3 speed cube 2020?

Five Best Speedcubes

  • YongJun (YJ) YuLong V2 M 3x3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube. Coming in at #1 is the YJ Yulong V2M.
  • MoFang JiaoShi RS3M 2020 3x3x3 Magnetic Speedcube.
  • QiYi Warrior S 3×3 Stickerless Speed Cube.
  • GAN 11 M Pro Magnetic Speed Cube.
  • QiYi MS Magnetic 3×3 Speedcube.

What speed cube does Feliks use?

Gan 356 XS cube
A Sagittarius and Melbourne resident, Zemdegs (also known as Faz) currently uses Gan 356 XS cube as his hardware of choice for competitions. He laughs off his old love for the alto saxophone and his ability to juggle 4 balls and do some 3 ball tricks.

What is the hardest speed cube?

1. The Pentamix may be the hardest take on Ernő Rubik’s Cube. This Pentamix is certainly a sight to behold. It is considered to be one of the hardest Rubik’s cubes to solve.

What is the best speed cube?

ShengShou Mr. M Review – Best Overall.

  • GAN 356 XS Review – Best for Competitions. If you require the best in quality for competitions,GAN’s 356 XS is just what you need.
  • Dayan TengYun M Review – Best Competition Runner-Up.
  • QiYi Warrior W Review – Most Budget-Friendly.
  • The Amazing Smart Cube Review – Best for Beginners.
  • What is the fastest speed cube?

    The Dayan 5 Zhanchi is Best known as the world record speed cube. In 2013 Mats Valk ’s achieved the fastest time yet breaking the previous world record of 5.66 by 1 tenth of a second. The world record was set in early 2013 at the Zonhoven Open in Belgium competing the cube in an astonishing 5.55 seconds.

    How to solve speed cube?

    The Cross. But not exactly the same,as you’ll have noticed – the cube is upside down.

  • F2L. The idea of F2L is to pair each of the four bottom layer corners with the corresponding edge piece and then insert them into the correct
  • OLL Edges. These steps are solved using only one algorithm each.
  • OLL Corners. This is called OCLL,or Orient Corners of the Last Layer. “Why isn’t it called COLL?” I hear you ask.
  • PLL Corners. Now that the OLL is done,you can start PLL.
  • PLL Edges. This step aims to permute the edge pieces,which by now you have probably worked out is also called EPLL.
  • What is the fastest cube solve?

    The fastest time to solve a Rubik’s Cube using feet is 16.96 sec and was achieved by Daniel Rose-Levine (USA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on 11 March 2018. Daniel broke the record at the CubingUSA Heartland Championship 2018. All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date.