What is the best caliber for hunting in South Africa?

30-06 Springfield is probably the best all-around caliber for hunting plains game in Africa. When using premium 180gr (or heavier) bullets, the . 30-06 is powerful enough to ethically take virtually every species of plains game proper shot placement.

What can I hunt with a .223 in South Africa?

.223 REMINGTON 222 Remington and can successfully be used for head shots in culling game in Africa or varmint hunting on animals as large as monkeys.

What can I hunt with 243 in South Africa?

The . 243 is actually a very popular calibre amongst local hunters for springbuck and blesbuck. Like you say yours is a real tack driver,correct shot placement on the animals mentioned you will be fine.

What is the best rifle caliber for all-around hunting?

Here are the best all-around ammo options for big-game hunters.

  • 6.5 Creedmoor. The 6.5 Creedmoor is one of the most versatile bullets ever built. Ron Spomer.
  • 308 Winchester. The author begrudgingly added the .308 to this list.
  • 300 Win. Mag.
  • 375 H&H. This load is capable of taking down African plains game like this eland.

Can a 243 shoot a kudu?

A 243 is seen by most hunters as marginal for Kudu but in reality it is extremely effective if you take a logical approach. (BTW Where do you get 140gr bullets for a 243? The heaviest I know of is a 107 SMK!) If you are nervous use a premium bullet – 100gr Rhinos will do very well.

What is the best rifle for Safari in Africa?

The falling block single-shot rifle is an Africa safari classic that remains a solid choice for sport hunters backed up by doubles and repeaters in the hands of their PHs. This Dakota M10 in 7x57mm Mauser proved perfect for a South Africa ranch hunt with Fort Richmond Safaris.

What is the best caliber for hunting African dangerous game in SA?

If the reader has other opinions, great. These are guidelines with what we have seen and experienced over time. Bearing in mind the minimum legal caliber for hunting African dangerous game in South Africa is the 375, we do not have much choice in this regard.

What is a classic Africa rifle?

Seen through the lens of the modern safari hunter, classic Africa rifles would all seem a tight knit family of side-by-side doubles and beefy bolt-actions with oversized holes at their muzzles. That is only partially true.

Is the Ruger Hawkeye good for hunting in Africa?

The Ruger Hawkeye is the latest incarnation of the venerable Ruger M77 and does the Ruger name proud. Not only is the rifle very accurate, but it also has a Mauser type controlled round feed system, which is a very important feature for any rifle that will be used for hunting in Africa.