What is the difference between the Synology DiskStation ds211j and ds411j?

The Synology DiskStation DS211j is the baby brother to the excellent Synology DiskStation DS411j and it brings with it two significant changes: a reduced form factor supporting two hard drives not four and a 40 per cent price drop.

What is the dvb-t210?

The DVB-T210 is the ideal solution for adding HD Digital TV to your Laptop or Desktop PC with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP Operating Systems. USB Freeview (HD) TV Receiver

How do I use Synology universal search and USB copy?

With Synology Universal Search, everything on your Synology NAS is just a few clicks away. USB Copy helps you copy files between your Synology NAS and external USB/SD storage devices. File copy can start right after an external storage device is plugged in to the Synology NAS, without any need to open the DSM web console.

How to remotely access Synology NAS using WebDAV server?

When WebDAV Server is enabled, client programs that support WebDAV, such as certain Windows apps, Mac OS Finder, Linux File Browser, will be able to remotely access Synology NAS just like accessing a local network drive. WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL.

Is the Dell ds211j a good NAS?

Here the DS211j is competent rather than spectacular. The 1.2GHz CPU is 400MHz up on the DSx10j series, but the 128MB RAM is still something of a bottleneck. This is most obvious when copying small files to the NAS which averaged 18.1MB/s with read times hitting 19.9MB/s.

How do you open a ds211j?

Thankfully metal is used for the rear grill (housing the fan and connections) and for the drive mounts, but opening the DS211j is no more sophisticated than sliding off its fairly stiff side.

What is file station on my Synology NAS?

File Station is the centralized file management tool for your Synology NAS. Through File Station, you can manage and search files/folders, view files of various types, share private files with external users, mount remote folders and virtual drives for access, and do much more!