What is the Gillick competence and Fraser guidelines?

Applying Gillick competence and Fraser guidelines The Fraser guidelines still apply to advice and treatment relating to contraception and sexual health. But Gillick competency is often used in a wider context to help assess whether a child has the maturity to make their own decisions and to understand the implications of those decisions.

What is a Gillick Competent Child?

1 The child of tender years who rely on a person with parental responsibility to consent to treatment. 2 The Gillick competent child under 16 3 Young person’s 16 and 17 y old who are able to consent to treatment as if they ‘were of full age’.4 More

When should medical professionals consider Gillick competency?

Medical professionals need to consider Gillick competency if a young person under the age of 16 wishes to receive treatment without their parents’ or carers’ consent or, in some cases, knowledge.

How do you assess Gillick competency?

There is no set of defined questions to assess Gillick competency. Professionals need to consider several things when assessing a child’s capacity to consent, including: their ability to explain a rationale around their reasoning and decision making.

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