What is the meaning of Bafut?

Filters. The Eastern Grassfields language spoken in Cameroon.

Where is Bafut found in Cameroon?

Northwest Province
Bafut is a town located in a modern commune in Cameroon, it is also a traditional fondom. It is located in the Mezam Department, which in turn is located in the Northwest Province….Bafut, Cameroon.

• Type Local Government (traditional democracy)
• Mayor Ngwasoh Abel Langsi
Population (2001)
• Total 80,305

Who was the first Fon of Bafut?

From the reign of Firloo, the first Fon of Bafut, it has operated as a fondom or kingdom, using traditional power structures. Upon their arrival from Tikari at least 400 years ago, the Bafut people built the current “old palace” of Mbebeli, also known as Ntoh Firloo.

How old is the Bafut palace?

Bafut palace is a 600 years old Monarchy with the eleventh monarch in the name of ABUMBI II on the throne. Because of its rich cultural and touristic background, the need of a Hotel of this standard cannot be over-emphasized to meet the needs of travellers and tourists flowing into this monarchy annually.

When was the Bafut palace built?

400 years ago
There are two other older palaces of the Fon of Bafut. The old palace of Mbebli, also known as Ntoh Firloo was built by the Bafut people when they first arrived from Tikari some 400 years ago.

How is the Bafut language called?

Fut Bufe
Fut language

Region Cameroon
Native speakers 100,000 (2009)

What is the name of the Fon of Bafut?

The membership of the court consisted of 27 chiefs with the Fon of Bafut Abumbi I appointed as president due to his role as the “supreme fon”.

What is a Fon in Cameroon?

A Fon is a chieftain or king of a region of Cameroon, especially among the Widikum, Tikar, and Bamiléké peoples of the Bamenda grass fields (the Northwest, West Region) and the Lebialem of the South West Region. Since Cameroon’s independence in 1961, the Fons are under the jurisdiction of the Government of Cameroon.

What is Bafut famous for?

Bafut is famous for having preserved its structure as a traditional kingdom (or ” Fondom ” ), under the leadership of the Fon of Bafut. Its traditional power structures operate in harmony with its modern local government council, which aims to turn Bafut into an eco-city .

What is the population of Bafut in Mali?

Bafut had a population of 80,305 in 2005, but is now estimated to have over 100,000 inhabitants. It is primarily an agrarian region. Bafut is situated about 20 kilometres (12 mi) northwest of Bamenda, in the Mezam Division, and covers an area of roughly 340 km 2 .

What does better world Cameroon do?

Better World Cameroon works closely with the Cameroon government and Global Ecovillage Network Africa to protect natural heritage sites through Permaculture Education and Social support. Since 2000 Better World Cameroon has adopted Bafut and devoted to transitioning it to resilience.

What kind of language is Bafut?

The Bafut language is classed within the Mbam-Nkam section of the central branch of the Niger-Congo family along with other nearby languages such as Bali Nyonga, Bamum and Pinyin View from the Fon’s Palace, Bafut.