What is Transhumeral amputation?

In a transhumeral amputation (also known as ‘above the elbow’), the amputation occurs through the upper arm bone (the humerus) , so that the elbow is no longer present.

What is Transcarpal amputation?

Transcarpal. Transcarpal amputations are a common type of amputation and occur due to a variety of reasons including trauma, peripheral vascular issues, and infection. It is preferable to more proximal amputations because flexion and extension of the wrist are preserved, improving overall function.

What is Syme amputation?

Background: Syme amputation (SA) is a term used to describe an amputation at the level of the ankle joint in which the heel pad is preserved. It is performed for a number of indications in a pediatric population. SA is purported to hold the advantage of allowing weight bearing without a prosthesis.

What is the most common upper limb amputation?

Finger amputations are the most common of upper limb amputations and mostly involve single digits. Upper limb amputations from trauma occur at a rate of 3.8 individuals per 100,000; finger amputations are the most common (2.8 per 100,000). Hand amputations from trauma occur at a rate of 0.02 per 100,000.

What is hindquarter amputation?

An operation involving removal of an entire leg and part or all of the pelvis associated with it. It is usually performed for soft tissue or bone sarcomas arising from the upper thigh, hip, or buttock. Compare forequarter amputation.

What is L aka?

In Hawaiian mythology, Laka is the name of two different popular heroes from Polynesian mythology. Lengthy legends of their exploits extend throughout the islands, and the kings of Tahiti and Hawaiʻi claimed them as their ancestors.

What is better above or below-knee amputation?

A below the knee amputation (BKA) is a transtibial amputation that involves removing the foot, ankle joint, distal tibia, fibula, and corresponding soft tissue structures. In general, below the knee amputations are associated with better functional outcomes than above the knee amputations.