What kind of Jungler is Ekko?

Ekko 12.3. Ekko Build 12.3 ranks as an A-Tier pick for the Jungle role in Season 12. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 50.61% (Bad), Pick Rate of 6.14% (High), and a Ban Rate of 2.04% (Medium).

Is Ekko a full clear Jungler?

Pro Ekko Jungle Path —full clear with a Blue Buff start After Gromp, Ekko kills the Murk Wolves which grant him level three (unlocking Phase Dive). The full jungle clear allows Ekko to acquire as much Gold possible towards the Hextech Protobelt which becomes a huge early game Ekko powerspike.

Does Ekko start blue or red?

First Clear: Red start is always preferred as it is a stronger buff than blue, and it’s nearest two camps are raptors and golems which are extremely good camps for Ekko. Only start blue if the enemy team is looking to cheese red level 1. Having Red keeps you healthier, and makes you deal more damage.

Is Ekko jungle good early?

Ekko can be weak in the early game, if you have issues with early game clear check this video out: https://youtu.be/kLYhqsJrRFI So you want to start W every game for the stun and shield, while jungling. After you hit 2 get your Q and do a full clear if there are no open ganks or summoner spells used.

Is Ekko strong lol?

Ekko is one of the best Mid laners in the game. He is very strong in the current meta, and can even be flexed into top and jungle. Because of his overall strength and popularity, it is beneficial for you to understand how to play against Ekko.

Is Ekko good low ELO?

What makes Ekko Great For Carrying Low ELO: W “Parallel Convergence” gives Ekko a huge shield and stuns anyone that was in the AoE range of the ability. The potential to one-shot and carry Low ELO games with Ekko is pretty high, especially thanks to his ultimate ability if you mess up badly.

Can Ekko go ad?

You can definitely use Ekko to climb in solo queue, both as a jungler and mid laner. Some players build AP and some AD on Bard. Here’s my full guide on Bard’s AP and AD damage.

Was Ekko buffed?

Riot to make ‘solo queue focused’ changes in League Patch 11.17 with buffs to Ekko, Evelynn, and Senna, adjustments for Akshan and Amumu – Dot Esports.

What patch was Ekko?

Patch 10.3 Specifically hitting jungle Ekko.

Who counters ekko jungle?

The most commonly encountered champions Ekko counters against hardest jungle versus jungle is Nocturne, Karthus & Gragas. While Ekko is countered hardest in commonly encountered matchups by Nunu, Rammus & Amumu.

What is ekko combo?

EkkoCombos To very quickly burst someone face checking you use E Q instantly, then R and AA. Going through your W with R will still stun the target. W at your target then take 1 step into the where the circle will be, then leave before your opponent sees your W.