What was Jadis talking about A or B?

Some viewers speculated that Rick’s near-death state was to blame, but Jadis now confirms he was always an A, and referring to Rick as a B was merely a ploy to spare him certain death. Rick Grimes treated Jadis with respect and accepted her into Alexandria.

Is Rick going to be on the World Beyond?

Jadis’s fateful deliverance of Rick has paid off substantially, as the character’s return on The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, Episode 6, “Who Are You?,” makes abundantly clear. Indeed, her arrival at the CR compound setting reveals that she’s kind of a big deal now.

Do what if episodes have post credit scenes?

Yes, it does! Okay, it’s actually a mid-credits scene, so you don’t have to wait until the very end of the credits to see it.

Who was Jadis talking to on the walkie?

The Walking Dead star explains truth behind Jadis’ connection to Rick Grimes. “She has to keep doing what’s right in her worldview.”

Who took Arat TWD?

In the next episode “Warning Signs”, Arat is captured by Cyndie and other survivors from Oceanside, who reveal that Arat was one of the soldiers ordered by Simon to kill the men of their community, and Arat specifically killed Cyndie’s 11-year-old brother.

Are the Commonwealth and CRM the same?

The Walking Dead’s Commonwealth and CRM are, superficially speaking, already very close cousins. Both plots revolve around a group of heroes (Eugene’s group in TWD, Iris’ in World Beyond) entering a far bigger community than they’re used to, then gradually acclimatizing to their advanced new surroundings.

Is Andrew Lincoln in the world beyond?

We all are,” he continued. The big new is that The Walking Dead: World Beyond had listed Andrew Lincoln in the cast list for episode 10 of this current Season.

Do Marvel shows have post credit scenes?

From “Iron Man” through 2021 releases like the feature “Eternals” and the Disney Plus series “Hawkeye,” the MCU has indulged in no less than 53 post-credits teasers to date.

Does What If episode 6 have a post credit scene?

Is There any Post Credit or End-credit Scene in Hawkeye Episode 6? The short to this question is YES; there is a post-credits scene in the final episode of Hawkeye.

Who takes Rick in the helicopter?

the Civic Republic Military
A mysterious helicopter group took Rick Grimes from “TWD” on season nine. Since then, we’ve learned the group is called the Civic Republic Military or CRM. If you can’t keep track of the three “TWD” shows, Insider rounds up everything worth knowing about the CRM.

Who was taking the saviors?

However, they were immediately captured by three Saviors: Molly, Michelle, and their leader Paula.

How do the Reapers defend Meridian in the Walking Dead?

The Reapers defend Meridian from an incoming herd; Pope suspects Maggie is behind the attack, while Daryl treads carefully; Alexandrians scramble to protect themselves when a violent storm leaves them vulnerable to Error: please try again.

What happened to Daryl on ‘the Walking Dead?

Wounded after being separated from Abraham and Sasha, Daryl finds himself captive of three survivors on the run. Error: please try again. Glenn and Enid make their way back to Alexandria. Meanwhile, Spencer puts his life at risk, as the herd finds its way inside the safe-zone.

What happened to Tara and Heath in the Walking Dead?

Jesus takes Rick and the group to the Hilltop Colony, a peaceful community overshadowed by the power of the Saviors. Error: please try again. Rick leads a surprise attack against the Saviors with the joint forces of Alexandria and the Hilltop. As two group members end up captured, Tara and Heath leave on a two-week supply run.