Where do I renew my tags in Nashville?

Self-Service Registration Renewal Kiosk locations and hours:

  • Main Office, 700 2nd Avenue South, Suite 101, Nashville, TN 37210.
  • Green Hills, Lobby inside Grace’s Plaza, 4009 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 207, Nashville, TN 37215.
  • Madison, 501 Heritage Drive, Madison TN 37115.

How do I renew my expired tags in TN?


  1. Online. You can renew online using tncountyclerk.com.
  2. Self-Service Kiosk. Avoid lines and quickly renew your registration by using a self-service kiosk.
  3. By Mail. Send payment and renewal notice to your local county clerk’s office.
  4. In Person.

How do I renew my tags in Tennessee after 90 days?

Renew in Person: To renew a registration in person bring the preprinted form mailed from the state office to the Courthouse or Bonny Oaks Branch. If you don’t have the form you can use your last tag receipt or tag number. One exception is if the plate has been expired for 90 days or longer, the state form must be used.

Can I renew my tags online if they are expired Tennessee?

Car owners may renew car registration online, in person or by mail in most cases. If residents cannot renew expired car registration materials online, they must complete the process in person or by mail.

How much does it cost to renew tags in Nashville TN?

In Tennessee, the renewal fee for Private Passenger vehicles is $29.00. Motorcycles can be renewed for $17.00. The fees for Commercial or Specialty registration renewals vary by county. To determine what your state renewal fee will be prior to purchase, you can contact your local county clerk to inquire.

How do I renew my tag?

To renew your registration by mail, send in the following: Your registration renewal notice or a completed Title/Tag Application (Form MV-1) Proof of car insurance, if noted on your renewal notice. Proof of passing an emissions inspection, if applicable.

How do I renew my tags online?

If you have a PIN to renew online: Go to the Alabama eServices Motor Vehicle Online Tag Registration website. Click the link for your county. Click the “Renew an Automobile” button. Enter the Record Number from your registration renewal notice. Enter your current tag/license plate number.

How do you renew your tags in Tennessee?

Apply for license plates by registering your vehicle in person at your county clerk’s office. Renew your tags by renewing your registration online, by mail, or in person. When you get a new vehicle, you can transfer your TN plates. You must replace your plates and decals if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.