Where is Talia Balsam now?

Balsam lives with her family in SoHo, Manhattan.

Who is Turturro’s wife?

Katherine Borowitzm. 1985
John Turturro/Wife

Who was Talia Balsam married to?

John Slatterym. 1998
George Clooneym. 1989–1993
Talia Balsam/Spouse

Is Tim Van Patten related to Vince Van Patten?

He is the half-brother of Dick Van Patten and Joyce Van Patten, and the uncle of Vincent Van Patten and Talia Balsam. He graduated from Massapequa High School in 1977, in the same class as musician Brian Setzer and football player Brian Baldinger. His daughter is actress Grace Van Patten.

Is Turturro married?

John Turturro/Spouse

Are Aida and Turturro related?

Turturro was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Italian-American parents, Katherine (Incerella), a jazz singer, and Nicholas Turturro, a construction worker and carpenter, who was born in Giovinazzo. His brother, also named Nicholas Turturro, is an actor, and actress Aida Turturro is his cousin.

How old is Harry Slattery?

About 23 years (1999)
Harry Slattery/Age

Is Nicholas Turturro married?

Lissa Espinosa and Nicholas Turturro were married. Nicholas Turturro is a 56 year old American Actor. Born Nicholas Turturro Jr on 29th January, 1962 in Brooklyn, NY, he is famous for NYPD Blue .

Who played Ambrose Monk?

Ambrose Monk. Ambrose Monk, played by John Turturro, is Adrian Monk ‘s agoraphobic brother. Ambrose has both more severe problems than Adrian and more acute powers of observation. As stated by Adrian in “Mr. Monk and the Three Pies”, Ambrose has not left the house since 1972, spending 32 years in the house.

How old is John Turturro?

John Turturro is a 61 year old American Actor. Born John Michael Turturro on 28th February, 1957 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States, he is famous for Barton Fink , Five Corners.