Where is the Brahan Seer Stone?

A Celtic stone, the Eagle Stone, stands in Strathpeffer, Ross-shire. The Seer said that if the stone fell down three times, then Loch Ussie would flood the valley below so that ships could sail to Strathpeffer. The stone has fallen down twice: it is now set in concrete.

What did the Brahan Seer predict?

The Brahan Seer predicted that when the Eagle Stone, an ancient Pictish stone found at Strathpeffer, falls three times, the Strath will be engulfed by the sea, and boats will moor to the stone.

Who owns Brahan Estate?

Andrew MH Matheson
Brahan Estate

Estate Brahan Estate
Owner Andrew MH Matheson, Brahan Farms Ltd. & Trustees of Capt. AF Matheson’s Trust for his grandchildren
Owner Address Brahan DINGWALL
Property Address
Website n/a

What is the Fraser prophecy?

Basically, it means that a child who is born 200 years after he or she was conceived must be “cut down” and then a new Scottish king will rise.

Who are seers in the Bible?

In the Bible, A seer is one who sees the unseen and sees what is hidden in plain sight. They can see through a lens that heaven has employed in both the natural and in the supernatural. And there are naturally occurring events all around us that mirror what God is doing in the supernatural.

Are seer stones mentioned in the Bible?

For example, MacKay traces in the book the use of seer stones throughout the Book of Mormon and shows that both Mosiah II and the brother of Jared used seer stones. The Bible also contains examples of physical objects, including seer stones, being used for spiritual purposes.

Is Geillis Duncan Claire’s daughter?

Geillis is not Claire’s daughter. However, Gabaldon explained how they are related on her website.

What does the Bible say about seer stones?

In the context of the restored gospel, a seer stone is a stone through which a seer receives divine communication. The Book of Mormon defines a seer as a “revelator and a prophet also” (Mosiah 8:15-16).

Did Joseph use a seer stone?

After his prophetic call, Joseph used seer stones in a manner strikingly different from anyone else and sought to bring forth scripture. Joseph used the stones in translating the Book of Mormon as well as portions of the Bible, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Book of Abraham.

Was Brahan Seer the same as Brahan Odhar?

The inscription reads: “This stone commemorates the legend of Coinneach Odhar better known as the BRAHAN SEER – Many of his prophesies were fulfilled and tradition holds that his untimely death by burning in tar followed his final prophecy of the doom of the House of Seaforth.” Were these two different people or the same?

What are some of the Brahan Seer’s prophecies?

A few of the Brahan Seer’s prophecies: ‘When it becomes possible to cross the River Ness dry-shod in five places, a frightful disaster will strike the world.’… ‘When nine bridges cross the River Ness, there will be fire, flood and calamity.’ (A ninth bridge was built in 1987. ‘The day will come

What happened to the seer at Chanonry Point?

This move led to an unfortunately unforeseen sequence of events on the Seer’s part, leading to his barbaric murder at Chanonry Point, when he was allegedly burnt in a spiked tar barrel, on the command of the Earl’s wife, Lady Seaforth.