Which are the best restaurants at Ikos dassia?

Ikos Dassia Restaurants

  • Kerkyra. The beach front Kerkyra a-la-carte restaurant is the perfect destination to explore Corfu’s long and glorious tradition of gastronomy.
  • Ouzo. This restaurant is ideal for you to visit if you want to explore some of the finest Greek dishes.
  • Fresco.
  • Anaya.
  • Provence.
  • Ergon.
  • Flavors.

What is dassia like in Corfu?

Dassia (Dasia), on the island of Corfu in Greece, was one of first villages on the island to be developed as a resort. Dassia is quieter and more up-market than neighbouring Ipsos, which lies 2km (1 mile) north along the coast and is known for its lively nightlife, bars and discos.

Where in Corfu is Dassia?

east coast
Dassia is set on the east coast of Corfu, framed by deep pine woods and with dazzling views across to the mainland. It’s a fairly small place and the shops, bars and restaurants are strung along the coastal road.

Is Dassia Corfu nice?

With a friendly and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Dassia has become one of the most inviting places to spend relaxing vacation in Corfu.

What did they eat in ancient Greece?

At dinner, the Ancient Greeks would eat: eggs (from quail and hens), fish, legumes, olives, cheeses, breads, figs, and any vegetables they could grow and were in season. Such as: arugula, asparagus, cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers.

How much is a taxi from Corfu airport to Dassia?

The quickest way to get from Corfu Airport (CFU) to Dassia is to taxi which costs €27 – €35 and takes 14 min.

Did Ancient Greeks eat oatmeal?

What did the Ancient Greeks eat? The main foods the Ancient Greeks ate were bread, made from wheat, and porridge, made from barley. They used lots of olive oil to cook and add flavor to dishes.

What did slaves eat in Ancient Greece?

Some were sent to row on Greek ships and spent the rest of their lives inside without any sunlight or fresh air, eating nothing but bread and drinking nothing but water. Likewise, slaves were also sent to work in mines, and they might live only two or three years before the lead, a poisonous material, killed them.

Where do expats live in Athens?

Areas favored by expats living in Athens include central parts such as Kolonaki, Plaka and Thission and the suburban areas of Kifisia and Glyfada. Many businesses are based in the city center, and there is also a financial district in the suburb of Marousi.

Where is the Dassia Beach Hotel?

The 2-star Dassia Beach Hotel Corfu Island includes a swimming pool, a free carpark and free private parking and lies right by Paralia Ipsos Beach. The venue is located in the centre of Corfu Island, approximately 10 minutes’ drive from Gouvia Marina.

Where is drivedassia on Corfu?

Dassia or sometimes Dasia is a resort, set on both sides of the main coastal road on the east coast of Corfu, approximately 13km north of the capital Kerkyra. This means it’ll take around 20 minutes to make the drive and transfers from the airport will be about the same.

What is the night life like in Dassia?

Night life in Dassia is good, there’s a number of bars around the sea front and even a couple of clubs. There are Greek nights with traditional dancing, live music and Karaoke too so Dassia has something for everyone and enough to keep you going all week.

How long does it take to drive to Dassia from the airport?

This means it’ll take around 20 minutes to make the drive and transfers from the airport will be about the same. Dassia has a good selection of restaurants to suit all tastes as well as all the usual tourist facilities like car rental shops, souvenir shops, supermarkets, dozens of hotels to choose from as well as a camp site.