Who has the best ratings for evening news?

World News did finish the traditional sweeps month of November with a win, delivering an average total audience of 8.249 million viewers, followed by Nightly News (7.142 million viewers) and CBS Evening News (5.201 million viewers), all according to ratings data compiled by Nielsen.

What is the highest rated nightly news?

World News Tonight
24 Evening News Ratings: World News Tonight Is America’s Most-Watched Evening Newscast. NBC Nightly News gained +2% in average total viewers from the previous week, and when it comes to total viewers, the newscast is gaining ground on top-ranked World News Tonight.

What is the most watched evening news in America?

Nightly News averages 8.578 million total viewers, topping ABC’s World News Tonight by +189,000 (+2%). Nightly News also marks its largest total viewer audience since Dec. 2020, and leads CBS Evening News by +3.253 million (+61%).

Which TV news has the highest rating?

Fox News actually beat MSNBC and CNN combined in primetime and has been the highest-rated cable network during the daypart in nine of the past 10 weeks. Fox News averaged 1.8 million primetime viewers, topping NBC Sports Network’s Olympics coverage by roughly 600,000 per night. USA, TBS, HGTV and NBC Sports join Fox News atop primetime cable.

Which network has the highest news ratings?

FOX marked its 15th year as the highest-rated cable news channel in the same demographic, posting 2.8 million average total viewers in January 2017. MSNBC beat CNN in total primetime viewers, ranking sixth among all cable networks in January. CNN beat MSNBC, but trailed first place FOX News, in total daytime viewers.

What are the most watched news channels?

BBC News. The British Broadcasting Corporation channel was started in 1922 by the John Reith.

  • Fox News: It is a satellite and cable TV channel of America. The Fox Entertainment Group owned this channel.
  • CNN: This channel was started in 1980 by Ted Turner.
  • Sky News.
  • MSNBC.
  • Al Arabiya.
  • Al Jazeera.
  • Euro news.
  • NDTV India.
  • Geo News.
  • Are CNN ratings dropping?

    All of the cable news networks saw year-over-year ratings decline for the second quarter of 2021, but CNN’s 57-percent drop was the biggest prime time loss among the cable news networks. Fox News declined by 42 percent, and MSNBC dropped by 37 percent