Who is the Archbishop of Sri Lanka?

Patabendige Don Albert Malcolm Ranjith
Patabendige Don Albert Malcolm Ranjith (Sinhala language: පටබැඳිගේ දොන් ඇල්බට් මැල්කම් රංජිත්) (born 15 November 1947), often known simply as Malcolm Ranjith or Albert Malcolm Ranjith, is the ninth and current Archbishop of Colombo, Sri Lanka, serving since 2009.

How many Catholic priests are there in Sri Lanka?

As per 2014, it pastorally served 637,729 Catholics (8.8% of 7,281,000 total) on 3,838 km² in 128 parishes with 592 priests (313 diocesan, 279 religious), 1,560 lay religious (380 brothers, 1,180 sisters) and 292 seminarians.

How many diocese are there in Sri Lanka?

12 dioceses
The country comes under the province of Colombo and is made up of 12 dioceses including one archdiocese.

How many Catholic churches are there in Sri Lanka?

1.2 million Catholics
The country comes under the province of Colombo and is made up of 12 dioceses including one archdiocese. There are approximately 1.2 million Catholics in Sri Lanka representing around 6.1% of the total population (according to the 2012 census)….Catholic Church in Sri Lanka.

Total population
Central 62,476
Eastern 46,792

Who is the chancellor of University of Colombo?

Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero
Rajapaksa recently appointed Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero as Chancellor of the Colombo University.

What is the oldest church in Sri Lanka?

It is one of the oldest churches in Sri Lanka as now part of the Anglican Church of Ceylon. St….St. Thomas’ Church, Colombo.

St. Thomas’ Church
Location Ginthupitiya, Colombo Sri Lanka
Denomination Anglican Church of Ceylon
Status Church

Who brought Catholicism to Sri Lanka?

the Portuguese
(Catholicism was introduced by the Portuguese in 1505.) There were also conversions by the Dutch in the 17th century. The Christian population of Sri Lanka includes members of both the Sinhalese and Tamil ethnic groups.

How many Anglican churches are there in Sri Lanka?

Diocese of Colombo (Anglican)

Diocese of Colombo
Area 3,838 km2 (1,482 sq mi)
Population – Total (as of 2006) 5,692,004
Churches 121
Schools 10

How many churches are there in Sri Lanka?

290,967 persons in Sri Lanka (1.43%) are Protestants as per the 2012 census. The Ceylon Pentecostal Mission has about 16,500 church members and 70 churches (faith homes) in Sri Lanka. About 2000 people (1998) are affiliated with congregations belonging to the Baptist World Alliance.

What percentage of Sri Lanka is Catholic?

Sri Lanka’s population practices a variety of religions. As of the 2012 census, 70.2% of Sri Lankans were Buddhists, 12.6% were Hindus, 9.7% were Muslims (mainly Sunni), 7.4% were Christians (mostly Catholics) and 0.05% others.

What do you call a retired archbishop?

In the Anglican Communion, retired archbishops formally revert to being addressed as “bishop” and styled “The Right Reverend”, although they may be appointed “archbishop emeritus” by their province on retirement, in which case they retain the title “archbishop” and the style “The Most Reverend”, as a right.