Did the cast of Into the Woods really sing?

The “Into the Woods” cast falls across the spectrum of vocal experience. There are non-singers such as Emily Blunt, who plays the Baker’s Wife, and Depp, who took a critical drubbing (unfairly, I thought) for his performance as Todd and who’s back here as the Wolf.

Who has Johnny Depp played music with?

Johnny Depp is currently in a supergroup called Hollywood Vampires. In 2015, Depp once again lent his musical talents to another group — Hollywood Vampires. Together with Alice Cooper and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, the band performs covers of 1970s rock hits. Cooper’s drinking club inspired the name of the band.

Was Johnny Depp a singer?

Singing. Depp has performed on the soundtrack for several films, usually as a guitarist, but has on ocassion been a vocalist as well. In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, he and Keira Knightley drunkenly sing the drinking song “A Pirate’s Life for Me”, which is reprised over the series.

Does Emily Blunt sing in Into the Woods?

Emily Blunt has a stunning singing voice, but her husband John Krasinski apparently had no knowledge of her vocal chops until a few years ago, when she was filming the 2014 movie musical Into the Woods. When he told the director, Rob Marshall, he’d never heard his wife sing, Marshall was shocked.

Who sings for Chris Pine in Into the Woods?

According to Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine was extremely shy about his singing voice, and noted that he would hold back during rehearsals. She only heard his actual singing voice when she was eating lunch in the recording studio.

Who sings the most in Into the Woods?

1. Anna Kendrick. We’ve known Anna Kendrick can sing, but this isn’t the range that we’re used to hearing from her. Kendrick stretches her soprano muscles in Into the Woods and does not disappoint.

Was Emily Blunt pregnant during filming of Into the Woods?

Blunt herself was pregnant at the time she was filming. The actress, who is married to “The Office” star, John Krasinski, gave birth to their daughter, Hazel, in February.

Did Chris Pine sing in Into the Woods?

Did Glenn Close sing in Into the Woods?

Three-Time Tony Winner Glenn Close Lends Her Voice to Into the Woods in Central Park. Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress Glenn Close will provide the voice of The Giant for the Public Theater’s upcoming production of Into the Woods at Shakespeare in the Park.