How do I contact China Unicom?

The 7×24 customer services hotline of China Unicom, 10010, provides customers with all-round all-day customer services including enquiry, consultation, technical support, complaints & suggestions, services ordering and appointment booking.

How do I call China Unicom from overseas?

  1. Telephone. (Mainland China): 10010*
  2. (Hong Kong): 2122 1188.
  3. Email. (Hong Kong): [email protected].
  4. (International): [email protected].
  5. Website. (Mainland China):
  6. (Hong Kong):
  7. (International):

Does China Unicom work outside China?

Can I use my China Unicom SIM card outside China? Yes, the international roaming feature is turned on since day 1. Receiving texts is free of charge, international tariff applies when making calls, receiving calls, sending texts or surfing internet.

How do I check my Unicom China balance online?

How do I check the SIM card balance? If you have a China Unicom SIM card; you can check your balance from anywhere. Just send text “101” to 10010 for airtime balance or send text “2082” to 10010 for data balance. These texts are free of charge.

How do I make an international call to China?

To call overseas from China you first will need to dial access code (international dialling code) 00, then follow 00 with your country code, area code (city code) and phone number.

What is China Unicom China169 backbone?

CHINA UNICOM China169 Backbone is a medium fraud risk ISP. They manage IP addresses for organisations including Zhengzhou GIANT Computer Network Technology Co., Ltd, Unicom, and Unicom JS. Scamalytics see low levels of web traffic from this ISP across our global network, some​ of which is, in our view, fraudulent.

How do I add data to China Unicom?

How does Recharge work?

  1. Mail Unicom.
  2. Call 100 10 from your Unicom number in China.
  3. Call 0288 5332 544 from any other phone.
  4. Visit the Unicom website.
  5. Visit the Unicom Facebook page.

How do I recharge my Unicom China?

How do I check my China Mobile prepaid balance?

Calling Instructions:

  1. Direct Dial Roaming.
  2. *130* Roaming.
  3. Deactivate & Reactivate Roaming Service Through Your Handset.
  4. Refill, Check Mobile Number, Balance and Expiry Date* in Overseas:
  5. Voice Mailbox.
  6. 191 InfoCall Service.

How can I call China from USA for free?

Viber-to-Viber calls are absolutely free, and if you’d like to call a landline or contact anyone who doesn’t have an internet connection, you can always opt for Viber’s low-cost calling service, Viber Out. With Viber Out you can make calls to China from the USA from 1.3¢ to landlines and mobiles.

Is China Unicom in the US?

China Unicom has been operating in the United States since 2002, when it was authorized by the FCC to provide telecoms services. It had more than 351 million subscribers worldwide in 2020, according to a filing.

How do I contact China Unicom customer support?

-You may speak to a live operator at China Unicom customer support 24×7 by dialing 10010 and then pressing 9.-You can also reach us at 028-85332544 weekdays from 9AM to 6PM (Beijing Time).-We will be happy to assist you!

Why did the FCC revoke China Unicom’s US authorization to operate?

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday voted to revoke the authorization for China Unicom’s U.S. unit to operate in the United States, citing national security concerns.