How do I find my army IMA position?

Who do I contact if I find a position that I’m interested in? You may contact your Assignment Manager by calling the HRC Customer Service Office at 1-888-276-9472. Additionally, you may contact the IMA Agency direct. Refer to the “menu” and select “Agency POCs”.

What are IMA positions?

IMAs are Air Force Reservists assigned to active-component units and government agencies. They are managed by Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization located at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, and serve over 50 separate major commands, combatant commands and government agencies.

Is IMA Selected Reserve?

8) Question: Are IMA Soldiers part of the Selected Reserve (SELRES)? Answer: Yes, Per AR 140-10, Chapter 2-4a The Select Reserve consists of Soldiers assigned to (2): Control Group (Individual Mobilization Augmentee) under the administrative jurisdiction of Commander, HRC.

Can National Guard do Ima?

“The IMA program offers a unique opportunity to serve in Reserve status for those who are not located near a traditional (Air National) Guard or Reserve unit, for anyone who cannot commit to one weekend every month, or for anyone who wants to participate in new Air Force missions,” the colonel said.

What are TPU soldiers?

Troop Program Units (TPUs) are the heart and soul of America’s Army Reserve! Army Reserve Soldiers are assigned to reserve units that train together and mobilize in support of America’s Army. Soldiers in the Army Reserve may be called to active duty to provide their expertise.

What is IMA officer?

The IMA has excellent facilities for all-round development. You can go for adventure sports like river rafting, Para jumping, rock climbing, trekking and mountaineering. From the IMA, you’re commissioned as a “Lieutenant” in the Indian Army, to go out into the world and live up to the IMA motto – “Valour & Wisdom”.

Does Air Force IMA deploy?

“If people are separating from the Air Force and staying here for a certain reason, they can participate in the IMA,” said Master Sgt. …

Is IMA active-duty?

Unlike traditional reservists, who serve their minimum requirement of one weekend a month and two weeks a year with their assigned Reserve unit, IMAs are assigned to active-duty units and have flexible schedules. IRs support both the peacetime and wartime missions of their active-duty organization.

What is Army TPU?

What is a TPU position?

How big is the Army reserve?

Operating as an Army component and force-providing command, the Army Reserve has a congressionally authorized strength of 199,000 Soldiers, more than 11,000 Civilians, and 2,075 units, residing and operating in every state, five U.S. territories, and 30 countries.