How do you reference a software?

How to Cite Software in APA Style

  1. Use an individual’s name in the reference if he or she has proprietary rights to the program.
  2. After the title, in brackets, provide a descriptor for the item.
  3. If the software is available online, provide the URL rather than the publisher name and location.

Do I have to cite software?

It is not necessary to cite ‘standard software’ such as Microsoft Word, Java, and Adobe Photoshop, SPSS or SAS. You should provide a reference for specialized software, for example an open source software used to display items to the participants in your study.

How do you cite online software?

Reference examples Title of software (Version number). [Software]. [Date accessed].

How do you reference excel in APA?

When you cite the Excel spreadsheet within the text, use the same conventions that are used to cite other works. In APA, this means listing the author followed by the year of publication/creation in parentheses.

How do you cite a software in Excel?

Type “Microsoft Excel” and, in parentheses, “Excel version” as your in-text citation. It should look something like “In using Microsoft Excel (2007), I found it easy to…”

What is an APA Style essay?

For an APA-style essay, the text will include the actual essay itself: The introduction, body, and conclusion. There should be uniform margins of at least one inch at the top, bottom, left, and right sides of your essay. The text should be in Times New Roman size 12 font. Your paper should be double-spaced.

How do I cite software in APA?

Cite the name of the person who holds the software’s rights. First cite the last name, followed by a comma. Then cite the first letter of the first name, followed by a period. Write, in parentheses, the year of the software’s publication.

How do you cite an APA?

Cite your source in the text of your APA style document in one of two ways. You can include the author’s last name and date in parentheses at the end of the sentence containing the information you borrowed.

How do you write an APA reference page?

To write an APA style “References” page, list your sources in alphabetical order on a new page at the end of your document. Seperate each source with a hanging indent, which will make the first line of each source flush with your left margin and every other line indented.

What is APA style reference?

APA is the abbreviation of the American Psychological Association, and APA referencing is based on the style of academic writing favoured by the APA. APA referencing: Is a system that determines the style and format of your referencing, i.e. how the references are written.