How does a brake compensator valve work?

It is a spring-loaded component that activates when fluid pressure builds when you step on the brake pedal. Then, the valve’s plunger unseats and fluid rushes into the calibrated range. Once this happens, the spring gets compressed and the plunger blocks the fluid from passing through.

What does a brake load sensing valve do?

The load sensing valve (L.S.V.) serves the purpose of automatically adapting the brake pressure and therefore the brake force according to the load of the vehicle.

What is a load proportioning valve?

A proportioning valve is a valve that relies on the statics to supply a reduced pressure to an output line. A simple example is where spring load applies a reducing force so that the output pressure is reduced. Proportioning valves are frequently used in cars to reduce the brake fluid pressure to the rear brakes.

How do you reset a brake proportioning valve?

How to Reset a Brake Proportioning Valve

  1. Locate the brake proportioning valve near the rear brake line. It will have one or two buttons located on it.
  2. Push the reset button located on the valve with your fingers, which will reset it so the valve is working properly again. Inspect the brake pressure.

Can you bypass a load proportioning valve?

The valve will only work as designed if the rest of the suspension retains the original specifications – if your car is significantly lowered or the suspension stiffened up, you might as well bypass the proportioning valve.

What is a load valve?

Load-holding valves, also known as over-center valves or counterbalance valves are a type of pressure control valve. They prevent loads on cylinders or motors dropping in an uncontrolled manner. A hydraulic piston controls the opening of the valve to achieve the required lowering velocity.

Do you need a proportioning valve with manual brakes?

If I add disc brakes will I need a proportioning valve? Yes. The addition of a proportioning valve is a must. Without it your braking system will not operate properly.

How do I change the proportioning valve on my CPP?

The best way to adjust the valve is to turn the adjustment knob clockwise until it reaches the end of the adjustment. If the front tires skid before the rear tires, apply the brakes hard in a safe location.