How long is the Machame route to Kilimanjaro?

The approximately trekking distance for the Machame Route is 62 km or 37 miles the entire climb from trail head up to the summit and all the way down to Mweka gate. The shortest number of days required for Machame Route is 6 days, but by the time you have added on arrival and departure days it is 10.

How hard is Machame Route?

The Machame route is relatively difficult as climbers need to be able to ascend the Barranco Wall on day four and contend with a steep incline up Kibo on summit night. That being said, there are no parts on the route that require any technical climbing skills.

How long does the Machame Route take?

How long is the Machame route? The entire climb up and down is approximately 62 km/ 37 miles from gate to gate. The height gain from the gate to the summit is 4157 metres, which is ascended over six days of around 5-7 days walking each day.

Why is there a Machame route?

The longer distance and the opportunity to ‘walk high, sleep low’ offer much better acclimatisation and as a result a very high success rate. The Machame route is a good seven day hike for those who have not trekked much at high altitudes, with an effective extra day’s acclimatisation, giving a better success rate.

Which is the easiest route up Kilimanjaro?

The Marangu Route (also known as the ‘Coca Cola Route’) is the oldest and most established route on Kilimanjaro and used to be the most popular. It’s considered to be the easiest way up in terms of gradient and terrain. It is also the only route on the mountain that has huts to sleep in.

How many miles is Kilimanjaro climb?

The number of miles to hike Mount Kilimanjaro varies according to the route you pick. Umbwe is the shortest route, but also the steepest. It measures 23 miles (37 kilometers). The longest route is the Northern Circuit, coming in at 56 miles (90 kilometers).

What is the hardest route up Kilimanjaro?

Umbwe route
Umbwe route is one of the shortest routes to the Southern Glaciers and the Western Breach and it’s the most hardest and challenging route on Mount Kilimanjaro. The Umbwe Route is the trail for trekkers looking for a true climbing challenge.

Which route is best for Kilimanjaro?

Lemosho is considered the most beautiful route on Kilimanjaro and grants panoramic vistas on various sides of the mountain. It is our favorite route because it offers a great balance of low traffic, scenic views and a high summit success rate. Thus, Lemosho comes highly recommended. Most of our clients use Lemosho.

What is the best time to hike Kilimanjaro?

There are two distinct trekking seasons which constitute the best time to climb Kilimanjaro. They are January-March and June-October. January-March is generally colder than June-October and there is a higher probability of encountering snow on the summit.

How many miles is the hike up Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro hike distance. Kilimanjaro hike distance varies by route and the number days you choose to spend on the mountain. Here are the various Kilimanjaro hike distances (note these are approximates only): Lemosho Route: 67 kilometers (41.6 miles) Shira Route: 66 kilometers (41 miles)

What is the best route to climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania?

This is one of the best routes on Kilimanjaro,offering high degrees of beautiful scenery including the quiet,rarely visited northern slopes.

  • As the longest route on Kilimanjaro,the Northern Circuit also has the most acclimatization time and the highest summit success rate.
  • You must have enough time and money
  • What is the closest airport to Kilimanjaro?

    Major airports near Mount Kilimanjaro: Another major airport is Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO / HTKJ), which has international and domestic flights from Arusha , Tanzania and is 55 km from Mount Kilimanjaro.