How many babies does Size 8 have?

two children
Size 8 and DJ Mo have two children. Size 8 suffered a miscarriage in 2019. In an interview with Word Is, Size 8 said the last pregnancy was life-threatening. The artiste said she has not had a lot of problems with her latest pregnancy and her pressure has been okay.

Did Size 8 have a miscarriage?

Gospel singer Size 8 has revealed how her miscarriage in 2018 almost ended her marriage with DJ Mo. In an interview with Parents magazine, the singer admitted that the experience taught her the value of life, family and friends. “The miscarriage really affected us.

Is Size 8 expecting a third born?

News. Celebrity couple DJ Mo and Size 8 have today made a big announcement. Through their YouTube channel the couple known as the Murayas, have revealed that they are expecting their third child. “We, the Murayas are pregnant!” they said in unison.

When did Size 8 miscarriage?

Popular gospel mix master Dj Mo has opened up about the loss of their unborn child when his wife Size 8 had a miscarriage in December 2018.

How many months was size 8 pregnant?

Weeks 32 to 35 are often considered the eighth month of pregnancy, but there can be a little wiggle room and debate about this as it’s hard to make 40 weeks separate perfectly into 9 months.

Who is size 8 Kenya?

Linet Munyali
Linet Munyali (born 4 August 1987), professionally known as Size 8, is a Kenyan singer, songwriter and actress. Formerly a secular artist, Size 8 is known for her singles “Shamba Boy” and “Moto”….

Size 8
Other names Linet Muraya
Citizenship Kenyan
Occupation Singer songwriter actress
Years active 2008–present

What is happening to size 8?

Size 8 underwent surgery after her blood pressure shoot high. Gospel singer Size 8 has lost her five-month pregnancy. Size 8 underwent surgery after her blood pressure shoot high.

When did Size 8 get born again?

“My life is like a movie – from the secular world to an ordained servant of God. GODS GRACE IS Real. I got born again in 2013, I started the Gospel music journey, five years later, and in 2018 I went to Bible school and graduated.

How many months was Size 8 pregnant?

Who is Size 8 Kenya?

How old is Bahati’s wife Diana?

He reiterated that he was proud of Diana’s age, 26, and that the difference was just a mere 2.

How big is your baby at 8 weeks?

How Big Is Your Baby at 8 Weeks? Your baby has already come a long way, and soon, growth will speed right up! Your little one is about the size of a raspberry this week — just 0.5 to 0.6 inch long, crown to rump. By the time you’re eight weeks pregnant, pregnancy symptoms will be in full swing.

What are the three trimesters of pregnancy?

Pregnancy the three trimesters 1 First Trimester (0 to 13 Weeks) 2 Second Trimester (14 to 26 Weeks) 3 Third Trimester (27 to 40 Weeks)

What are the symptoms of pregnancy at 8 weeks?

8 Weeks Pregnant: Your Symptoms. Frequent urination. Yes, you may still be making lots of extra trips to the bathroom. This symptom will come and go throughout the rest of your pregnancy as your baby grows and your uterus expands, both of which put pressure on your bladder. Abdominal cramping.

How to take care of yourself at 8 weeks pregnant?

8 Weeks Pregnant: Things to Consider 1 Think about adding a few pieces of stretchy clothing to your wardrobe that will grow with you. 2 Take care of yourself by exercising. 3 Getting good care is important! 4 Should you share the news?