How much do the foams cost?

B) The Cost of Your Piece

1030 14.67 $ 1.55
1118 14.67 $ 1.75
1530 14.67 $ 2.35
1570 14.67 $ 2.55

What are Foamposites worth?

Nike’s Foamposites are a unique sneaker that cost $250. This leaves some people wondering what is it that makes them special? Upon first glance, the sneakers are not very attractive to behold.

Are foams good for basketball?

Foamposites can perform on both basketball courts as long as you keep them clean. Foamposites are the most durable basketball shoes you will find. The solid polyurethane upper does not wear out even after long periods. Foamposites are pretty expensive, but they are worth every penny.

How do Foamposites work?

Out of the box, the seamless Foamposite material produces a snug, glove-like fit which only improves over time. As the material heats from activity and sweat, it actually softens to contour to the wearer’s foot.

What is a Foamposite?

The Foamposite has its roots in Nike’s 1990s golden age of innovation. Eric Avar’s goal with this shoe was to make a sneaker that fit perfectly, more like a glove than a standard shoe.

What are Nike Foamposite shoes?

Unlike traditional stitched shoes, the Nike Foamposite’s upper is molded and starts off as a liquid. After its debut in 1997, the Foamposite was re-released in several more colorways throughout the 2000s. Today’s popular Nike Foamposite shoes include the Nike Air Foamposite One Obsidian Glitter, which has a distinctive glittery look.

Can you buy Foamposite on StockX?

Check out the Royal, Galaxy, and numerous other Foamposite colorways right here on StockX. In its debut year, the Foamposite, designed by Nike’s Advanced Product Engineering team, was one of the most technologically advanced shoes on the court.

What is Nike’s total air Foamposite Max?

Foamposite, Nike’s lightweight and durable material, was ahead of its time when it launched in 1997 on Penny Hardaway ’s feet. The material was then adjusted for Tim Duncan Total Air Foamposite Max in ’98.