How serious is a compression fracture?

Spine compression fractures are serious, and they can cause painful or debilitating symptoms that interfere with your quality of life. Fortunately, treatment can help repair the damage and relieve symptoms.

What causes a t8 compression fracture?

What causes a compression fracture? Osteoporosis is the most common cause of compression fractures. Osteoporosis is a type of bone loss that causes bones to break easily. Other causes include injuries to the spine (such as from car accidents and sports injuries) and tumors in the spine.

What is an osteoporotic vertebral fracture?

Osteoporotic vertebral fractures are fractures of one or more of the vertebrae due to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis causes the bones to be more fragile and more likely to fracture.

How long does it take for a T8 fracture to heal?

Compression fractures usually heal on their own in about 3 months. While that happens, your doctor may suggest you try some things at home that can make you feel better, such as pain medicines, rest, physical therapy, or a back brace.

What does T8 vertebrae control?

However, the nerves of each thoracic vertebra level communicate with different sections of the body. The T1-T4 thoracic sections control primarily chest muscles and organs, such as the heart and lungs. The T5 – T8 vertebrae affect the abdominal muscles, as well as some of the chest.

What is the recovery time for a fractured vertebrae?

A spinal fracture takes between six and 12 weeks to heal. During the healing process, spinal bones don’t return to their normal shape. They heal in their new compressed shape. This can lead to height loss and curvature of the spine.

Do osteoporotic fractures heal?

The healing of a fracture in osteoporotic bone passes through the normal stages and concludes with union of the fracture although the healing process is prolonged (10). The biological activity of the osteoblast, as for other mesenchymal cells, is influenced negatively by aging.

What are the t3-t8 vertebrae?

The T3 vertebra is the third segment of the twelve thoracic vertebrae. Since it descends from the T2 vertebra, it is slightly larger than the two previous thoracic vertebrae. What are the T4-T8 Vertebrae? The T4-T8 vertebrae make up the rest thoracic vertebrae before the thoracic vertebrae T9 – T12.

What happens if a T8 vertebra is injured?

The T8 vertebrae is at the same level as the xiphoid process — i.e. the small projection of the sternum. The most common causes of thoracic spinal cord injuries are: A T1 vertebra injury may result in moderate to severe neck pain and upper back pain. If the first rib is injured, there may be difficulty breathing.

What is the treatment for a compression fracture in the T12 vertebrae?

What is the treatment for a compression fracture in the t12 vertebrae? Options: Kyphoplasty- but you’re too young vertebroplasty- you’re too young brace- jewitt or tlso brace to allow healing and keep the spine aligned, prevent Read More

What are the T4-T5-T8 vertebrae pain symptoms?

As a result, T4 pain symptoms can show themselves through gallbladder trouble, gallstones, and jaundice. Since the T5 – T8 vertebrae control abdominal muscles, pain symptoms for one of these vertebrae will manifest themselves through abdominal pain. The T5 and T6 vertebrae pain symptoms include digestion problems such as ulcers and heartburn.