Is Caitlin Moran married?

Peter Paphidesm. 1999
Caitlin Moran/Spouse

Who does Caitlin Moran write for?

The Times
Caitlin Moran was a published author at the age of 16 and has been writing for The Times since 1992, winning a host of British Press Awards for her work. Caitlin writes a weekly column on Saturdays, and her revered Celebrity Watch appears every Friday.

Does Caitlin Moran have a daughter?

Eavie Paphides
Dora Paphides
Caitlin Moran/Daughters

How old is Caitlin Moran?

46 years (April 5, 1975)
Caitlin Moran/Age

How does Caitlin Moran pronounce her name?

She was born Catherine but rechristened herself Caitlin at the age of 13 after falling for the name in a Jilly Cooper novel. She pronounces it Cat-lynn not Kate-lynn. The g in her name is a hard g, as in Ghill-ian.

Who is John Kite based on?

How To Build A Girl was released just last week, and Alfie Allen is already a firm fan favourite. The 33-year-old took on the role of rockstar John Kite in the film adaptation of Caitlin Moran’s novel, the sort-of love interest of Beanie Feldstein’s Johanna Morrigan.

How can I contact Caitlin Moran?

Caitlin Moran Agent and Management Contact Details @(mscaitlinmoran)

  1. Direct Tel: 020 72.
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  5. Website: www.rc.

Where is Dylan Moran?

The family lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. Moran quit smoking in 2014 and became teetotal in 2018.

Where was Caitlin Moran born?

Brighton, United Kingdom
Caitlin Moran/Place of birth

What does Caitlin mean in Irish?

Caitlín (pronounced [ˈkatʲlʲiːnʲ]) is a female given name of Irish origin. Along with the many other variants of Catherine, it is generally believed to mean “pure” because of its long association with the Greek adjective καθαρός katharos (pure), though the name did not evolve from this word.

Who did Caitlin Moran date?

Caitlin Moran
Born 5 April 1975 Brighton, England
Occupation Journalist, author, broadcaster
Spouse(s) Peter Paphides ​ ( m. 1999)​
Children 2

Is John Kite a real singer?

Yes, that is Alfie Allen singing as John Kite! Alfie Allen takes on the role of John Kite in the film, a Welsh musician who instantly takes a shine to Johanna for her bright and bubbly personality.