Is the Noddy train running at Hengistbury Head?

The train leaves the Hengistbury Head car park terminus (next to the Hiker cafe) every 30 minutes on the hour and the half hour (no trains run between 1 and 1:30pm). The train comes back from Mudeford spit approximately every 30 minutes at quarter to and quarter past the hour.

How do I get to Mudeford Spit?

Road Directions Nearest car parks at Hengistbury Head and Mudeford Quay. Access by foot, bike or land train from Hengistbury Head car park. Access by ferry from Mudeford Quay and Christchurch Quay. Wheelchair access is limited due to the sandy nature of the site.

Can dogs go on Southbourne beach?

Southbourne Beach Dogs welcome all year at the dog-friendly section of beach at Fishermans Walk Beach (Groynes 32 to 41) or Hengistbury Head Beach. For the rest of the beach, dogs are not allowed from 1 May to 30 September. From 1 October to 30 April, dogs are allowed off lead on all sections of Southbourne Beach.

Why is Hengistbury Head important?

Hengistbury Head incorporates many different habitats and supports a wide variety wildlife and rare plant species. It is also a site of significant archeological importance. For many years it has been a site of scientific interest and a major tourist attraction. Each year it attracts visitors from all over the world.

Can you swim at Mudeford?

Do not swim near the harbour entrance as the current are very strong. The southern end of the beach extends to the ancient headland of Hengistbury Head and the whole area is designated a Site of Nature Conservation. This area is particularly popular with dog walkers since dogs are allowed on the beach all year round.

Does Mudeford have a beach?

Situated at the mouth of Christchurch harbour this sandy spit of beach forms a barrier between the sea and this large natural harbour. The good news for those who don’t fancy the walk is there is a year round land train running from Hengistbury Head car park to Mudeford Sandbank. …

How much is Bridlington land train?

Arrive in style to your wedding or entertain guests at your event by hiring one of the Bridlington Land Trains! For more details please email the office on foreshore[email protected] or call on (01262) 678255….Land Trains.

Full Journey – single
One person £2.50
Family of 4 £8
Family of 5 £9.50

How do I get to Mudeford from Southbourne?

There is a Car Park at the Southbourne end of the Land Train. Some people make a round trip starting at Mudeford Quay and taking the ferry to the Sandbank, walk or use the Land Train to Wick, Wick Ferry to Christchurch and then bus or walk to Mudeford.

How long does the train take to come back from Mudeford?

The train comes back from Mudeford spit approximately every 30 minutes at quarter to and quarter past the hour. On busy days (at weekends and school holidays) we often run two trains. This means they can run about every twenty minutes.

How do I get to Mudeford Spit by train?

The train service runs on the scenic route between the main car park (BH6 4EN) and Mudeford Spit. Enjoy views of Christchurch Harbour and the Priory.

Is the Mudeford ferry running?

The Mudeford Ferry is running a service, please see the ferry times page. The Mudeford Ferry operates between Mudeford Quay and the Beach at Mudeford Sandbank approximately every 15 minutes during British Summer Time, which is from Easter to late October, weather permitting. Please note we are CASH Only