Is there a Singam 2 movie?

Singam 2 is an Tamil action – masala movie directed by Hari, starring Suriya, Anushka Shetty and Hansika Motwani in the lead roles, while Vivek and Santhanam play supporting roles. This movie is the sequel to Singam and will be produced by S Lakshman Kumar .

Is Singam 2 (2021) worth watching?

Singam 2 is a typical Hari style movie, which is routine, loud, long and racy. The director has forced too much content, which demands more characters and time. But he has made it watchable and enjoyable action entertainer. The Hari-Suriya combination seemed to have worked its magic once again.

What are the names of the actors in the movie saree?

Cast (in credits order) Suriya Durai Singam Anushka Shetty Kavya Hansika Motwani Sathya Vivek Yettu Erimalai Santhanam Sussa

Is Santhanam good in Singam 2?

Santhanam is an enjoyable addition to Singam 2 and his sequences livens up the proceedings be it in the Arabian Kudirai episode, the Viswaroopam Kamal sequence or the Kadhal Vandhale scene. He makes us ask for more of him in the film. There is a long list of ensemble in Singam 2.

Why is Suriya so popular in Singam 2?

He is known to string the various elements of commercial cinema viz. romance, action, sentiment and music in an entertaining fashion and he does the same in Singam 2 too with a racier screenplay that gives a lot of scope for action. Suriya shoulders the film big time. The sincerity and dedication of this artist is something that needs to be lauded.

What is the plot of Durai Singam?

Tough cop Durai Singam performs an undercover operation and identifies some nefarious activities in the seas around the coastal town. Duraisingam (Suriya) has gone undercover and is working as an NCC officer in a school in Thuthukoodi.