What are highway bars used for?

The bar is also designed to help protect the fuel tank and engine of the bike, reducing damage to the bike while providing an important safety feature for the rider. Crash bars are typically made from chrome-plated stainless steel and are also called freeway bars, highway bars, and engine guards.

What diameter are Indian highway bars?

The actual size is handlebar measured 1.288″ and highway bar measured 1.256″ so nothing is quite 1.25″ going 1.50″ and shimming might be the best bet.

What is a freeway bar?

What are freeway bars. Freeway bars and case guards are designed to offer some protection in the case of a parking lot tip over or should someone knock over your motorcycle. They also are styled to provide a retro look for your bike.

What are highway pegs?

Highway pegs are auxiliary pegs put on your motorcycle (most commonly on a cruiser and adventure bikes) so the rider has additional places to put their feet. Used mainly for highway riding. The pegs fold up and down depending on their use.

Why are they called crash bars?

The names panic bar and crash bar were coined to indicate the way people when panicked in a mass evacuation due to emergency crashed into the doors in order to exit. In any building area or room where many people may be gathered, code requirements dictate that safe and easy egress must always be possible.

What does a crash bar do on a truck?

Well-Known Member. HenryMac said: Are you aware that those crash bars that some of you are removing so you can install bigger tires…. they are there to protect your legs in the event of an accident.

What is a highway peg?

What are Highway bars on a motorcycle?

Highway bars also known as engine guards are a simple loop of steel tube attached to the sides of the motorcycle’s lower frame. When a bike falls, the engine guard hits the ground first thus reducing damage to the most valuable parts of your motorcycle, namely the engine as well as its frame, and, in some instances, the gas tank.

What makes the highway bar so special?

The Highway bar has evolved to make those long rides far more comfortable. With built in foot rests and even fold out pegs, you can stretch out your legs so they do not cramped.

Why choose Highway bars from Dennis Kirk?

Highway bar covers can be installed and removed with ease, adding to their versatility. Clamp on highway bars can be positioned on the bars to be in the most comfortable position for you to stretch out on long trips. At Dennis Kirk you will find the best selection of highway, freeway and crash bars at Dennis Kirk for the lowest guaranteed prices.

Do Highway bars come with footrests?

Highway bars we carry may come with or without fixed footrests. You may pick out a traditional style bar made of a single piece of steel delivering classic looks or go with a twin bar that offers two different options to put your legs or upgrade to an adjustable mustache style bar that can be rotated to provide multiple adjustments.