What does APOD stand for military?

APO – Army Post Office. APOD – Aerial Port of Debarkation. APOE – Aerial Port of Embarkation.

What is an SPOD army?

Simultaneously executing a sea emergency deployment readiness exercise (SEDRE) and seaport of debarkation (SPOD) operations is a challenging undertaking.

What does SPOD stand for?


Acronym Definition
SPOD Single Point of Data
SPOD Spinning Pizza of Death (wait cursor in Mac OS X)
SPOD Signature Proof of Delivery (shipping)
SPOD Single Point of Definition (computer programming)

What animal is an APOD?

(ˈæpɒd) or apode (ˈæpəʊd) noun. zoology. an animal with no feet or whose feet are rudimentary.

What does APOD stand for in years?

Annual Property Operating Data (APOD) Sheet.

What does point of debarkation mean?

The port from which cargo are discharge. This may be a seaport or aerial port from which merchandises are discharge; it may or may not coincide with the port of destination. Also called port of discharge.

Can you use a carp rod for Spodding?

A designated spod or spod/marker rod is needed. You can, however, use a carp rod with smaller spods and spombs as they weigh less and are perfect for baiting up at shorter ranges with standard carp rods. Always use a shockleader when casting a spod or spomb, again to help reduce the chance of a crack off.

Is debarkation a word?

The unloading of troops, equipment, or supplies from a ship or aircraft. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

Is Apod a Scrabble word?

Yes, apod is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does APOD mean?

APOD means aerial port of debarkation In military, APOD means aerial port of debarkation. The meaning of APOD is aerial port of debarkation. Share on FBTweet

What are the Army and Air Force responsible for APOD?

Responsibility for APOD operations is divided between the Army and USAF, with the Air Force responsible for airfield including air terminal control, loading, unloading, and servicing of aircraft (see Figure 3-3 ). The Army is responsible for clearing personnel and cargo and for life support as required.

How will the host nation use the APOD?

The host nation may limit the APOD to military use or the military may be sharing the facility with commercial activities. The military will most likely be competing for use of the APOD with other governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Should apods and spods be part of the same reception complex?

APOD and SPODs should, in most cases, be considered integral parts of a single reception complex, unless the distance separating them precludes mutual support. Reception capacity depends on: Harbor, port, and airfield characteristics. Availability of labor and port services.