What does FRP stand for in grating?

We talk about metal a lot, but when it comes to grating, it’s not the only high-quality, high-strength material that can be used. Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) is also a fantastic grating material.

How strong is fiberglass grating?

In terms of strength, fiberglass grating is comparable to steel. Pultruded fiberglass grating does offer improved strength but with added benefits steel can’t match. For example, even though fiberglass grating is rigid, it is a more flexible material than steel.


DURAGRATE® molded fiberglass grating is the chemical resistant flooring choice for many industrial applications. The high resin content (65%) provides long maintenance-free performance. A higher safety factor is achieved by designing a higher glass content at the bottom of the grating for increased tensile strength.

Is FRP heavy?

FRP weighs up to 75% less than steel but is equally strong. Pound for pound, FRP structural members are stronger than many steels in the lengthwise direction.

Is FRP better than fiberglass?

They contend that fiberglass and FRP are in fact, the same. However, if you dig into the technical specifications of fiberglass and FRP—that’s just not accurate. FRP would be better described as a more advanced form of fiberglass.

Is FRP stronger than steel?

Pound to pound, FRP is actually a stronger material than steel, making it a much stronger system whilst maintaining being a very lightweight material. Hence FRP is able to maintain its high strength whilst being a very lightweight material.

How is FRP grating made?

How is FRP grating made? FRP grating is made by combining fibreglass and resin. The fibreglass gives the finished product its strength, while the resin makes it resistant to corrosive substances.

How strong is FRP?

FRP weighs up to 75% less than steel but is equally strong. Pound for pound, FRP structural members are stronger than many steels in the lengthwise direction. 5. Unlike aluminum, it has low thermal conductivity, so it’s a good insulator.

Is FRP stronger than wood?

FRP is far stronger than wood, does not chip or crack from impact and does not splinter either. Safety – While wood is not conductive, that is the only common trait it shares with FRP products. Wood can splinter and crack with extreme heat, moisture or dryness.

What are the different depths of FRP grating?

Our most popular FRP product, molded square mesh grating is available in 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” depths. The 1” and 1-1/2” deep products are produced with a 1-1/2” square mesh while the 2” deep products are produced with a 2” square mesh. The square pattern of the panels provides bi-directional strength and facilitates easy layout and fabrication.

What is FRP grating made of?

Molded fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating provides corrosion resistance in the most demanding environments. Manufactured by combining thermosetting resin with continuous fiberglass rovings in precision molds, each panel contains approximately 65% resin and 35% fiberglass rovings.

What is the thickness of the grating panels?

Note: 1″ thick by 1″ x 4″ rectangular mesh grating panels are only available with a grit surface. 7 LOAD TABLES FOR STANDARD RESIN SYSTEMS

What is the weight of FRP material?

It is also a lightweight material, weighing approximately 2 lb/ft² 10 kg/m² which reduces transportation, handling and installation costs. The standard FRP surface consists of a UV stabilized Isophthalic neopentylglycol (NPG) polyester gelcoat which is provided in a white color for field finishing.