What does Oscuro mean for cigars?

Sometimes referred to as “double maduro,” Oscuro refers to the nearly jet-black wrappers you see on many of the best cigars. (NOTE: The true definition of a “double maduro” cigar is one that has both, a maduro wrapper and a maduro binder.)

What is an Oscuro cigar wrapper?

The PA Oscuro Wrapper is a beautiful dark chocolate wrapper leaf grown in Pennsylvania, USA. This variety of tobacco leaf is of high, wrapper leaf quality, with a slightly thinner composition than our CT 1DW / Maduro, but is similar in color. The PA oscuro tobacco leaf provides a nice clean and smooth smoke.

Who makes the 601 cigar?

The brand was created by José “Pepin” Garcia as well as the co-founders of United Tobacco Erik Espinosa & Eddie Ortega all 601 cigars are manufactured at the Tabacalera Cubana factory in the Estelí, Nicaragua. The brand was introduced in August 2006.

Is Oscuro a Maduro?

Maduro in Spanish means ripe. This is true of the Maduro leaves used in or on cigars. They are ripe and often mellow because the leaves were exposed longer in the field and grown to be darker.

What is the darkest cigar?

Oscuro Cigars
In layman’s terms, Oscuro cigars tend to be the darkest of all the wrapper leaves. That’s because they’re allowed to ferment for the longest period of time.

Are 601 cigars good?

601 Cigars are a beautiful collection of boutique blends from Erik Espinosa. Handmade at the La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, each one of these blends features choice long-filler tobaccos and a complex bevy of potent flavors. This cigar received a healthy 90-rating, and features a long, toasty aftertaste.

What’s a Maduro?

Definition of maduro : a dark-colored relatively strong cigar.

Where are Espinosa cigars made?

Crafted in the heart of Esteli, Nicaragua @ Erik Espinosa’s prolific La Zona factory, Espinosa cigars present a diverse range of awesomely delicious premium tobacco blends; each handmade to the highest industry standards.